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Vaseline Healthy Even Tone Lotion

For five decades, Vaseline lotions have been sitting on our vanity shelves, taking care of our very own skin, making sure that it's healthy and beautiful. Once in your life, it has been a part of your skin care routine too for their abundance in bath and body variants. It has been a household product for everyone because Vaseline caters for all genders and all ages since their very beginning. With the new generation of lotions, Vaseline continue to innovate and improve products to give us the best they could offer.

By the way, what I am going to review today is one of their lotions which definitely isn't a newly-released but is something that my family and I have been using over the past years. Girls and guys, make way for Vaseline Healthy Even Tone Lotion! :)))

Vaseline Healthy Even Tone Lotion
Bought for: Around P200
Bought from: Given as a gift

What I love most about his product is how moisturizing it can be even to the driest part of my body: hands and feet. The consistency of the formula as you can see on the photo below is creamy white and is thicker compared to some other drugstore lotions available in the market. However, it still feels light on the skin--greasy at first but fades eventually after minutes. This is because all of Vaseline lotions are petroleum-based. Remember their very famous Vaseline Jelly? Anyways, when the heat is just too extreme during summer, I prefer not to use this because the petroleum on it tends to trap heat making skin warm causing perspiration.

Although it has a UV protection label, it was not iterated in the whole packaging whether it has some SPF or the level of sun protection it could give. Still, it counts to have Titanium Dioxide (capable on blocking sun's UV rays) on a product at least you get even minimal sun protection. Just don't overexpose yourself to the sun!

This product help me achieve healthier and more supple skin without the dryness (most especially during colder days) so I really love this product! However, I had to complain on its claim to make skin even toned because I experienced no such thing even though I use this twice (or sometimes thrice) a day for months already. Still, I would repurchase!

What I like:

-mildly scented
-very moisturizing
-makes skin healthy-looking
-suits every skin concern
-widely available
-did not cause irritation

What I don't like:
-can be sticky on humid temperature
-not really lightening

Overall, my family really like this product! It heals dry skin, making it firmer, healthier, softer, smoother and more supple with every use! Whether you have dry, oily or combination skin, this would definitely suit you! So if you are looking for an affordable body moisturizer that has a long history of taking good care of every skin and every age and gender, then I recommend Vaseline Healthy Even Tone Lotion for you! Til my next post. Happy blogging!


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