Saturday, May 28, 2016

HannaxGiveaway on Instagram (May-June)

First of all, allow me to thank you guys for the support and for the growing number of my social media followers/likers/commenters. And as a way of giving back, I'll be giving away these prizes to one lucky winner!

✨ Follow me @hannapoleng.
✨ Repost/Regram this photo.
✨ Tag at least 3 friends on the photo.
✨ Include the hashtags: #HannaXGiveaway and#GiveawayPH
✨ Join my followers on blogspot by following me. Follow link can be found on the right side of my blog. (Fifth step is optional though it would add you additional 5 entries. And if you do so, comment down your account name that you used☺)

Winner will get:
✨ Maybelline Color Show Intense Fashionable Lip Color
✨Lancome Genifique Youth Activating Concentrate in Sample Size
✨ Maybelline Blush Studio
✨ Maybelline Colorshow Nail Polish
✨ Covergirl Outlast Double Lipshine in shade Mauveberry
✨ Forever 21 Stud Earrings
✨ Round (5pcs) and Angled Sponges (4pcs)

Winner will get an additional PINK CORSET JEWELRY ORGANIZER 😍😍😍
Other reminders:
✨ Open to all Philippine residents only.
✨ Multiple entries allowed as long as you tag different people.
✨ Shipping will be shouldered by me.
✨ UNFOLLOWERS= Blocked from this and future giveaways.
✨ Failure to comply to ALL of the mechanics will result to forfeiture of entries.
✨ Winner will be announced on June 25.
Goodluck and to God be the glory! 👑

My (Late) May Wishlist

Uhh, I think I seldom write wishlist post? I think so? Hmm, hiatus effects, right. I wanted to beat the month where I posted the most number of blog post in all my blogging experience but time really won't allow. I was sorting out through my stash earlier for a product ready to review but I found none as I discovered I haven't tested them well for an honest review. Huhu, so yeah, sticking up to a wishlist post right now since I have been window shopping online lately!

Without further ado, let me show you what I've got in mind!

1. Beauty Blender

I guess just everyone who is a makeup enthusiast would love to get their hands on this egg-shaped latex-free sponge, yes? A single sponge retails for a thousand bucks. That expensive. And I surely would not spend that much for a single piece. But don't get me wrong! I would love to own one, that is, if someone with a kind heart would send me (lol) because everyone's been gushing about its hype abilities both online and offline!


2. Clarisonic Face Brush

I have always wanted one of these Clarisonic face brushes because of it ability to deep-cleanse pores and exfoliate the skin. I have also read a lot of positive feedbacks about it but I find it quite pricey to avail too. Anyway, I currently have my on Althea's own version of this brush--the Pore Sonic which retails for a fraction of its price.


3. L'oreal Infallible Pro-Matte Foundation and Powder

Because of the bi-polar weather, my face has been acting up lately. Sometimes it turns oily, other times it was dry (feels tight but still oily). The weather contributes to the rapid meltdown of my makeup too so I am in the search of a good foundation and pressed powder that would completely make me at a loss for words. Lots of bloggers are raving about the L'oreal Infallible Pro-Matte collection saying that they are best for oily-skinned gals like me with the great staying power. Hmm, been written on my to-buy list since last month!


4. Mac Lipsticks

Need I say more? Of course, girls really can't have too many lipsticks.


5. Revlon Foundations

I never tried any from the plethora of Revlon foundations even once since I started collecting makeups. Yes, they are affordable at a drugstore price but my inner self just seem so scared to be disappointed all over again. Though proclaimed to be one of the brands with worthy foundations, their wide selection of shades and labels confuse me making me skeptical on buying them. Truth be told, I find it hard figuring out what my shade is and what consistency my oily skin would be suitable to.


6. Sigma Brushes

Oh my goodness! These brushes just seems so awesome and feels like those where I could feel love at first use. Many makeup enthusiasts are turning to it if they want to achieve a Mac level of brush strokes. I could have them forever but when reality strikes that they retail for a not-so-affordable price (provided that I only have a limited student budget), just keeps on telling me to shut up and skimp.


So...there's my June Wishlist! Care to share what's yours?

Friday, May 27, 2016

Get free products to test only at Sample Room!

Being a beauty blogger and a junkie is an investment. Yes, we do need to invest on a lot of product just to figure out what works best for our skin type. We gamble in every piece just to know that we never must underestimate a brand product by how it's cheaply or overly priced because it really depends on our skin's reaction towards the ingredients infused to each product. Good thing, the search for these great junks had been made easier (and cheaper) by Sample Room!

Sample Room is a sampling site that banks on the power of free product sampling. It is an online community that changes your beauty-shopping pattern; and an interactive community where your opinions matter and where all beauty lovers are valued.

And to make things more genuine, members (on the same demography) can give an honest and unbiased reviews for every sample availed. That way, readers with certain skin concerns (like me) can actually rely on these members' reviews for consideration as to whether they would purchase a product or not.

As the name goes, yes, Sample Room offers free samples of selected products in sample sizes and sometimes, if you are lucky enough, you get to try them at full sizes too! In my first two months of subscription, I noticed that most of the samples are newly-released products so you get the first dibs on the latest in the skin care/makeup world! Where do you hear such thing? Only at Sample Room! You only need an account and voila!

Well, technically, you don't get samples without spending but you spend only a little--you know, just the shipping fee and the additional points you need to avail the items that is, if you plan on upgrading yourself to a VIP member. For more information about being a VIP, scroll down.

To sum up every experience I had with Sample Room, I would say that it was pretty great. I'll have my purchased 1K points expired later on while I am writing this blog post and I wanna thank the whole team for this opportunity--to try out products for free. But Sample Room's experience is more than that. It allows me to think outside the box, to reach more than what I can and to weigh pros and cons of each product being tested. And most especially, I am saving a lot more for other important things (lol)!

For more information about Sample Room, perks of being a VIP member and such, visit Sample Room official website. And oh by the way, I am so gonna show you what I got for my first two months of being a VIP Sample Room Member!


Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Rexona Motion Sense Invisible Dry for Women (Aerosol)

Rexona Motion Sense Invisible Dry for Women (Aerosol), 150ml
Price: P165 | Points needed to avail: 40pts
From: Sampleroom

Claims: Rexona Invisible Dry Black + White provides our best ever triple anti-marks protection. Anti-white marks, yellow stains and sweat. Alcohol-free. Dermatologist-tested.

Hi, guys! Here's a short review of the Rexona Motion Sense Invisible Dry for Women 
(Aerosol) which I got from Sampleroom!

I've learned all about Sample Room just last year when I started to get enthusiastic about skin care products. While we could just simply spend bucks buying a certain product in the market, here comes Sample Room offering us, well, samples that we could get for free! Yes, you read it right, all the available products in their website are free! Well, it's not like you get samples without spending since you're gonna pay for the shipping fee and the points to purchase (1000pts=P650) because each featured products have different points to avail. So technically, you don't get everything for free but for only an irresistible discounted price.

Honestly, it is my first time using deo on an aerosol kind of packaging and I must say that I love the convenience. With this, I no longer have to take time twisting caps, letting the product dry on or squeeze tubes because this product takes only seconds to dry and a hard pump motion to dispense some of the liquid to underarms.

I like the fresh-from-the-bath smell even after a long day of outdoor and indoor activities and the noticeably lesser 'crying' of thy pits. This is totally my rescue deo this summer, oh la la.

What I like:

-Super refreshing scent
-anti-white marks, yellow stains
-Protects me from developing bad odor
-48H anti-perspirant
-Reduces underarm perspiration

What I don't like:

-Takes extra effort to pump
-Packaging's not so travel-friendly

Overall, I like this deodorant. That being said, I recommend this to everyone who wants a stain-free black/white clothes and to those who wants to stay smelling fresh even during sweaty activities.

Monday, May 23, 2016

Eco Skin Love Miracle Cream

Finally, it had rained here on our place! Still, the weather gets humid and hot--makes me wanna go bare on beaches except that would look really disgusting. If you know what I mean. But of course, with this slightly annoying weather, we become less and less adamant about putting on moisturizers because they tend to trap more heat on our skin. But even though we're a bit resentful about the idea, using moisturizers whether it be in cream form is necessary or suffer premature ageing. Uh-uh. I know you abhor the latter. So today, I am going to share with you guys the moisturizer that I have been using this summer! It's really moisturizing and it's got SPF!

Eco Skin Love Miracle Cream, 50grams
Price: Free/Original Price: P280

Claims: Anti-Melasma, Prevents puffy eyes and saggy skin, Fades fine lines and wrinkles, Treats dull, rough and dry skin, Whitens skin, Protects the skin from harmful UV rays and free radicals, Mild Rose scent

Before I proceed with the review proper, let me thank Eco Skin Love for sending this cream to me along with other healthy skin treats! The people behind are so generous, really. In fact, one of the generous, dedicated, passionate and truly environmental advocate sellers that I know of.

All the products inside the parcel wowed me as they all look promising! But let me just share to you only one for now: Eco Skin Love Miracle Cream SPF60!

The cream is packed in a cute plastic tub with complete labeling--description, benefits, directions, ingredients and proof of authenticity. But wait, it lacks the expiration date! Sad. But I still appreciate the overall packaging. Anyway, I know I should never care about it as I would probably consume everything months before it even expires.

The cream has a thick consistency like paste and smells like one too but with a hint of rose.  And because I am not that picky when it comes to scents of products, I find it not too bothersome at all.

The cream is kinda hard to blend given the viscosity and dries to a sticky matte feel. The stickiness would eventually fade after minutes so still this product is okay for me. I like that it does not trigger oiliness nor leaves my face looking dewy because believe me, dewiness does not blend well with my super oily face. Sad. I wonder how it looks good with Korean skin.

Anyway, I like how the cream gives a brighter look on my face while providing a good canvas for foundations/bb creams. Yes! Seriously, I do use this as a makeup base too to save on moisturizer-primer-bb cream/foundation kind of day. And surprisingly this cream really works! It prevents early makeup meltdown without imparting some white cast on the face even with the high SPF content!

And yeah, you read it right, it has a pretty much decent amount of SPF that you can just ditch your facial sunblock, etc, because of the whooping SPF60! It is actually my first time to encounter an organically and naturally made cream with SPF60 so I really felt protected by it, especially now when sun's rays are so strong. Also, even though it has SPF, it did not broke me out.

What's more is that the product itself is super affordable! A pea-size amount is enough for the whole face and neck so a 50-gram tub would last you for months! If you are very practical, then go buy one and you wouldn't regret a single thing about this.


What I like:

-moisturizes the skin well
-good makeup base
-high SPF content of 60
-scent is okay
-treats dry skin
-brighten the skin and eye area
-handy packaging
-has complete labeling
-makes skin soft and smooth
-does not cause me breakouts
-does not trigger oiliness
-good for any skin type (unless you have allergy with certain ingredients)

What I don't like:

-hard to blend
-has a sticky feeling

Overall, I love this product and would highly recommend this to everyone! What more can I say? A cream in a tub that's affordable, effective and made of organic and natural ingredients is what I totally need in my life! Go grab yours only at Eco Skin Love.

'Til my next blog post! Happy blogging,dearest junkies! :)))

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Leiania House of Beauty Micellar Eau de Fleur

Leiania House of Beauty Micellar Eau de Fleur, 100ml
Price: P600

Claims: 100% natural, 98% Organic and Ecocert Cleansing & toning organic flower water. Now you can cleanse your face without soap, carry them anywhere, be hydrated and moisturized with a fresh and clean feel. A very gentle and cleansing blend of healing herbs and plants. It is pH balanced to enhance your skin's natural acid mantle and protect its moisture barrier for clean and silky-soft skin. Removes dirt, oils,  makeup and dead skin with no harsh detergents, leaving your skin clean, nourishes, soft and a PLUS--it's pore minimizing and antiseptic for a clear complexion.

Ingredients: Flower Hydrosols of French Lavender, Hyssop, Burdock Root, Calendula Flower, Great Plantain, Rosemary Fresh Aloe Vera Extracts, Aqua, Lactobacilis Ferment, Olive Oil Esters, French Lavender Extracts, Grapefruit Seed Extract, Gluconolatone (and) Sodium Benzoate, Coconut Sugar Ester

You might never appreciate the use of makeup remover until you experience breakouts. Why do you need to learn it the hard way when you can start right on the spot? Yes, I take makeup removers for granted before, making them not part of my beauty essentials even when I started to collect makeups. When I asked myself why, I just kept on arguing saying, "what's the point when I can just wash my face?" Little did I know that there still could be deep-seated dirt or makeup residues that even tough facial washes could not remove. 

The point is, there has been a noticeable reduction in the number of breakouts that I get every month when I started to learn to incorporate makeup removers on my skin care routine. Now, I just can't live without it.

The product is housed in a sexy plastic bottle with an easy-open cover which impart some sexy vibe on it. Is it just me? Lol!

All of the claims were true, at least for me. I don't know what to say, I just love this makeup remover! It is very gentle on skin and very effective in removing makeup residues. I sometimes alternate it with my toner because it cleanses better. It keeps pimples and acne at bay too--neither triggering nor exacerbating them. It smells okay too--very refreshing without the pungent smell of chemicals.

Another thing I love about it is how a little of the product goes a long way already. It makes skin looks clearer, fresher and more moisturized even without washing the face. That's actually another perk of depending on makeup removers. They save you time from washing and toning up your skin especially on days when you are really tired and just wanted to lie down.


What I like:
-Cleanses the skin greatly
-Gives a fresher look
-Convenient to use
-Moisturizes the skin
-Organic and natural
-Smells just right
-No stinging sensation
-Gentle/Mild for any skin type
-A little goes a long way
-Prevents pimple/acne
-Reduces oil secretion

What I don't like:
-A little pricey

I recommend it to everyone, whether you have dry, oily or sensitive skin. I know you will like it too! The only problem I have with this one is the price. Huhu, I find it quite pricey for me given my meager student budget so I really want to thank Ms. Favia of Leiania House of Beauty for sending me one to try out! Get yours now by sending an order form at Leiania House of Beauty Instagram account!

Daricharm Fruity Peel Organic Beauty Bar

Daricharm Fruity Peel Organic Beauty Bar
From: Daricharm

Claims: Whiten scar, blemishes, dark spots, underarm, bikini lines, knees, elbows with micropeeling effect. Gentle and mild. Safe than other brand because it is made from plant extract.

This soap has a pinkish red hue and has a subtle scent of cherries. When I looked on its ingredients, there's no cherries on it though. I like things which smells and tastes like cherries--so sweet and yummy! Maybe this is why I can't wait to use it weeks ago. And after all the line up of soaps that I am yet to try, I still put it first just because.

This soap lathers well (but does not melt easily) and does not sting my face, which I totally appreciate after I've been through with chemical peeling. However, it's a peeling soap so I did expect slight stinging actually. I am just really surprised that after consuming the whole soap, there was still no tingling sensation felt. That being said, I also did not experience micro peeling even if it claims to. But I just want to clarify things here: we have different skin types with different reactions to certain products. What did not work for me, may work for you so if you are eyeing this soap, you need not to be so skeptical about purchasing it because it is free from harmful chemicals in the first place. The soap is made of organic ingredients that are healthy for the skin.

Thing is, that did not really disappoint me as I did not want painful micro-peeling at the moment. I just really love the scent of cherries. Okay, please don't roll your eyes at me now! :) Actually, I am thinking that maybe I used this Fruity Peel Organic Beauty Bar the wrong way. Maybe I should let it sit on my skin for minutes first before rinsing to experience micro-peeling? Ugh, I really don't know.

This soap leaves the skin clean though with a bit of dryness (but not flaky) so make sure to moisturize afterwards if you are using this. On a span of three weeks, I noticed my skin turned brighter and healthier but not really lighter like noticeably lighter. Also, I stopped using this on my face after a week because I experienced some breakouts on my upper jaw. It's a signal for me that I need to terminate my usage of a certain product and this soap is the only new goody I included in my skin care regimen before my skin acted up pretty much disastrously. But I did enjoy using the soap on my body as it makes the skin feel smooth and soft.

What I like:

-Cherry scent
-Mild/gentle on skin
-No stinging sensation
-Makes skin look bright and healthy
-Cleanses the skin well
-Suds greatly

What I don't like:

-Could be drying
-Does not lessen oil production
-Causes me to breakout on the jaw area
-No micropeeling effect
-Did not lighten dark spots/scars

Overall, this would be a nice cleansing soap if only it is suitable for my skin. Huhu. I recommend it to everyone except those with dry skin. Anyway, have you tried it, ladies? Go check out Daricharm on Instagram to avail one!

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Daricharm Tomato Serum

Daricharm Tomato Serum, 15ml
Price: P145
From: Daricharm

Active Ingredients: Tomato Extract, Vitamin B3, C, E, VCO, Glutathione, COllagen, Aloe Vera

Before I shoot you a review on Daricharm Tomato Serum, may I just ask you this question: Why do you think tomato serums always seem to be included on any shop's bestsellers? Hmmm...

Well, tomatoes and great skin are always interlinked in our minds. This is because we are probably all aware that these soft juicy fruit is loaded with skin nutrients that provide us healthy skin. Tomato serums moisturizes our pelts and keeps it healthy. It has antioxidants like lycopene that is known to fight free radicals, make skin light, smooth and glowing and prevents aging. It is also a rich source of protein that repairs cells. Tomato Extract is infused to products with pore-shrinking and sebum production-controlling claims, making it ideal for people with oily and troubled skin. Like me! Now, we know why.

Moving on...

So Daricharm sent me a tomato serum together with the Fruity Peel Soap which I will review soon. By the way, Daricharm is another booming Instagram shop that promotes the infusion of organic and natural ingredients on skin care products. Yay!

Well, looking at the packaging feels like I am holding a bottle of oil because of the dropper. To be honest, I am having a problem with getting the product inside. It takes a lot of pumps and effort just to squeeze some and tell you what, I have a very low dose of patience. Anyway, I'll prefer the bottles with a pump than this one forever.

The serum smells really nice! It smells sweet (the kind of sweet that I like), however, it made me think that it has added fragrance. The serum itself is very gentle on the skin and it felt like putting on some water--very light with no stingy feeling. The consistency is runny like other serums which gives me the right hydration and moisture that I need, given my oily skin. It also dries quickly and does not leave any greasiness. I guess that's one perk of using serums than creams that are oil-based. This one saves you from severe oil buildup which, later on, would cause you to breakout.

Upon weeks of constant use (morning and night), I can say that I still get occasional breakouts but they only seem to appear like small bumps on my face, no major ones. I also achieve a smoother, brighter, fresher and more glowing complexion every time I wake up. Guess, I do like Daricharm Tomato Serum! End of story.

What I like:

-Smells great
-Made of organic ingredients
-Free from harmful chemicals
-Prevents breakouts
-Brighten complexion
-Smoothen skin
-Makes skin glowing and radiant
-Controls sebum production
-Dries easily
-Does not sting

What I don't like:

-Does not shrink pores

Overall, this is another product that is worth repurchasing for its effectiveness and load of skin benefits! Imagine, tomato itself is already a powerhouse of nutrients but Daricharm added some more! I highly recommend it to everyone whether you have dry, oily or combination skin!

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Product Empties from March-May 2016

Here's to bottles that were emptied from March to May 2016! Hiyaaa! I am really delighted that finally, I am still able to do one of my resolutions for 2016--emptying products first before jumping to another one! It was really a success putting in my mind not to waste anything that were given to me or bought myself because first, I wasn't born with a golden spoon, o'right? I ought to cherish every piece of what I have and what will have. I guess I have been so blessed this year and this is just one of the simplest thing I can do to show gratitude especially to the brands that trusted me. And, finishing each bottle meant accurate reviews!

1. Jergens Age Defying Multi-Vitamin Lotion (Review here.)
2. Vaseline Healthy Even Tone With Triple Sunscreen Lotion (Review here.)
3. Silka Premium Whitening Lotion Green Papaya SPF30 With Olive Oil (Review here.)

I think you noticed already how into lotions I am, didn't you? These lotions are lightweight, great-smelling (especially the Silka one), and totally moisturizing. Let's see if you can get enough of the benefits of these skin treats!

4. Avon Cologne
5. Ever Bilena Cologne

I am sorry I already peeled the bottles! I just just want to reuse these and get rid of the labels. XD But hey, I love the smell of these two especially the Avon one! Ugh. The scent of Ever Bilena Perfume, I would say is the imitation of Victoria's Secret. They, in fact, smell almost the same but longevity wise, this losses over VS.

6. Belo Essentials AcnePro Kit (Review here.)

This kit is composed of very small number of products for a skin care routine--facial wash, toner and gel. Actually, it hs a newly-released soap, the counterpart of the facial wash which, according to reviews, works well in eliminating and treating backne! Yay, I guess I should try that soon huh.

Anyway, all three is gentle on the skin. I like the toner best because it really helps making the skin clearer and brighter. The facial wash, on the other hand, suds gently but is enough to clean deep-seated dirt and oil in the pores. I did not say I do not like the spot treatment but it just did not meet my expectations.

7. Leiania House of Beauty Eco Deo Roll-On
8. Leiania House of Beauty Underarm Whitening Solution
(Review here.)

If you want to achieve a bump-free, lighter and smoother underarms the most natural way, look no further because Leiania House of Beauty got these amazing roll-on and solution to get rid of pesky underarm problems!

That's it for today! Don't forget to subscribe, beauties! Happy blogging!

Friday, May 13, 2016

Basic Uses of Castor Oil ft. Leiania House of Beauty Pure Castor Oil

Pure Castor Oil Eyelash and Eyebrow Grower and Thickener, 15ml
 Bought for: Free/ Price: P250

 According to Leiania House of Beauty, having long lashes and lovely eyebrows are sexy. Do you agree? I mean it's not like something that is unknown to the most of us. While we have these mascaras and eyebrow palettes ready for grabs to achieve glamorous eyes, it is still important to really take care of these precious hairs for that naturally long lashes and gorgeous brows.

If you are a beauty junkie like me, you've probably heard what Castor Oil is and what it is for. If not, then I tell you, you are missing a simple traditional beauty remedy that's cheap and easy to get from online shops like Leiania House of Beauty. So, what's the catch? Why are skin care junkies like me make a big fuss about Castor Oils?

First, what is Castor Oil? Castor Oil is a pale yellow oil obtained from castor beans, used as a purgative and a lubricant and in manufacturing oil-based products. But this medicinal concoction is more than just that. You might hate this forever once taken orally, but you should know that there are lots of uses that you can obtain from it without you tasting it.

Castor Oils might be forgotten due to the number of products nowadays that are more convenient to use but there are still lots of brands (especially hair care products) that incorporate the use of Castor Oils just because they are proven to be amazing for hair and skin use with its antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal properties with lots of vitamins, minerals and is high in Omega 6 essential fatty acids that provides protection and nourishment for the hair. No wonder why it's been widely used for skin and hair care routines up to this date.

Pure and raw castor oils are beneficial on its own (minus the harmful chemicals)! Anyway, here's a short breakdown of the basic uses of Castor Oil for our skin and hair which I have been experimenting these days!


Castor Oils are widely in-demand because of its primary and infamous capability to increase and improve hair growth. And by hair growth, it meant your mane, you lashes and brow. While you are feeling hopeless with that short lashes and accidentally stripped brows, know that you have a backup here! Just apply a drop of the oil to these parts everyday, preferably every night and see the results after weeks of continuous use! Just let it stay overnight and allow the oil to soak in and work its wonder on your skin and hair!


Say bye to the power of concealers when you have castor oil (or at least your demand for concealers will be minimized) because it helps you reduce tired and puffy eyes so you wake up with a fresher-looking and well-rested eyes. I guarantee you that this works for me! When you apply it on your brows and lashes, include the eye area too and you can skip off eye creams just like that!


Castor Oils in my research has the thickest consistency among other oils, thus, felt greasy when applied to skin surface. I know, dear, you want to avoid that greasy hair feels that weigh down your hair's volume but I've got a better idea for this: mix sufficient castor oil with your hair treatment, massage through hair and scalp, leave it jut as long as you ant and rinse! There you go, dear, enjoy your dandruff-free scalp and soft hair! Easy peasy, right? Do this at least twice a week and see how much your hair grows inches in only a short period of time!


Castor Oils are humectant, meaning they seal in moisture on your skin making it a good moisturizer especially to dry skin. I personally use this every night on my hands and feet where I have the driest skin. All you have to do is squeeze a few drops and apply the oil to the parts where you need moisturizing. Just don't over-squeeze and end up with greasy skin. You don't want it on a super hot weather, do you?


When applied topically, Castor Oils can relieve calluses and other uncomfortable skin feeling. Just rub and massage sufficient amount to affected areas for a period of time and notice how it soothes the skin and alleviate bumps and make them disappear over time.


I never knew Castor Oil works great for the lips until I ran out of my favorite lip balm that I use overnight to repair my dry and chapped lips that's been acting up so badly this summer. So I was massaging some to my lashes and brows and I don't want to waste the oil so what I do is apply it on my moisture-hungry lips, making sure I never taste it. The next day, I was surprised to see that my lips felt smoother and softer--felt like I had my lip balm on overnight! Amazing!


With its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, Castor Oil helps relieve deep cystic acne. Just pat an ample amount of the oil on affected area and leave it overnight. I know, you may be skeptical about trying this technique out since usually, oils aren't really friendly to breakouts. Believe it or not, I am, too, myself. But it's only through trying that you figure out it really works!


As a DIY hack, yes, you can actually mix Castor Oil to hair treatment but you can also apply it directly on you hair ends in very small amount after you rinse your hair. In fact, it can be an alternative to leave-on conditioners. The oil penetrates through the hair strands making sure your ends stays more beautiful and stronger than ever! As a result, you get less breakage and hair fall.


Having weak and dry nails mainly results from too much mani-pedis. Don't be afraid to take a break and treat your nails with some moisturizing oils like Castor Oil to bring back that smooth, strong nails that looks amazing even when bare!


There you have the Top 9 uses of Castor Oil! Hope you learned something today, guys. Allow me to make it up to you after weeks of being in hiatus mode. LOL! By the way, just so you know, I'm finishing my summer OJT in a week! Looks like I'm returning to my passion (writing) after a month of broadcasting. :) Let's stay connected. Happy blogging and cheers to a wonderful weekend!

Monday, May 9, 2016

First Impression: Bare Skin + Pure White and Glow Soaps

Pure White and Glow Soaps
Price: P120/ea
From: Bare Skin

Taking cold showers is a boon to summer's heat and humidity. It feels so refreshing, it's almost as exaggerating as breaking free! But pairing good bath essentials to every shower's what make things more fun! So lucky to have these Pure White and Glow Soaps delivered straight to home. Thank you so much for these goodies, Ms. Rowena of MBSS Skin Solutions!

The bars weighed like a good amount of product (meaning it's larger compared to other bars of soap) and smells almost like your typical Kojic+Glutathione Soap in the market except this one has a milder scent and citrusy without the pungent smell of chemicals. The bars look cute too with that orange ombre effect and embossed Bare Skin label which imparts an exclusive touch to the product.

Since it's Kojic and Glutathione in one soap, I expect deep lightening/brightening for my skin. I am currently using this soap on my body and yeah, so far, so good! After road testing the soaps, let's see what it can do to me! Will update you guys! Til my next post. Happy blogging!

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Belo SunExpert Body Shield SPF 60 and PA+++

Belo SunExpert Body Shield SPF 60 and PA+++, 100ml
Price: Free/Original price: P459.75
Bought from: Sample Room
Available at: Supermarkets, department stores, groceries and drugstores

Description: This moisturizing sunscreen effectively provides broad spectrum  protection against harmful UV rays. It has Cell Protect® Technology that strengthens the skin’s defense system while preventing accelerated premature skin aging. Non-sticky and lightweight. Water resistant. Works as soon you apply it. Fragrance-free. Hypoallergenic and dermatologist-tested. Paraben-free.

Usage: Apply liberally onto dry skin before sun exposure. reapply as needed or after vigorous water activities, toweling, perspiring or prolonged sun exposure.

In this tropical country, summer is summer. You really cannot externally beat the sun, but you can protect yourselves from its harmful and damaging rays by slathering generous amount of sunblock. Good thing, Belo SunExpert Body Shield SPF 60 and PA+++ is here to always get us covered especially during our adventures and escapades! Now, no one and nothing can hinder us from achieving these summer goals. ;)

But...don't get me wrong, darling. Sunblock should be everyone's necessity no matter what season we are currently experiencing. We all should know that it is the primary key to young-looking and healthy skin and if you want to delay wrinkles and age spots, you know now what to use! You may heard it a million times but PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE.

Having tried other greasy sunblocks before, I never thought Belo SunExpert Body Shield SPF 60 and PA+++ could be this lightweight. The cream is thin and liquid-y so you won't have any problem applying and blending it on the skin. However, be prepared for some white cast. I guess it would not be so bothersome since white cast eventually fades after minutes and it's not like you apply it on the face right? Anyway, you'll only be left with moisturized, soft and smooth skin without the sticky feeling.

My friend asked for a blob of this when I brought it to work and she said it smells nice but I really don't smell anything but a hint of plastic.

It actually became my go-to sunscreen because I find it travel-friendly with the easy-squeezable tube and light packaging. Staying under the sun is something I would not fear whenever I have this tube of sunblock. And because it's a long commute from Valenzuela to Makati (where I take my OJT), I always make sure to never leave the house without applying it because I'm always so tamad in using umbrella even if it's highly advisable by everyone and so far, not a hint of skin tanning!

Say hi to my ever annoying friend, Jonica! I asked her to give some space so that I can take photos and she won't stay away. :D

Anyway, Belo SunExpert Body Shield SPF 60 and PA+++ is hypoallergenic and is free of any harsh chemicals/ingredients so it's perfect even to the girls with the most sensitive skin.

For more information about this product and other related products, feel free to visit Belo Essentials on their social media accounts provided below:

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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Bask Beauty Rub Me Good Bath Salt

Rub Me Good All Natural Bath Salt | P150
From: Bask Beauty PH
A good mix of dead sea salt and milk giving just the right amount of exfoliation and infused with fruit acids for that after shower glow. Can be used with your favorite essential oil or honey for that extra relaxing bath experience. Can be used both for face and body, avoiding the eye area.

I really appreciate the cute and sturdy packaging with a white twist-able cover except it has no information attached on a sticker or anything like that so I would not know the ingredients presented on this salt scrub. It would be a turn-off for curious people like me who likes to read labels. Anyway, I know Bask Beauty's working on it though!

I actually am in love with the fact that this scrub comes with a cute reusable wooden spoon that I can use to scoop up salt scrubs from the tub. It turned out to be more convenient to use because I can use wet hands without melting the salts.

The scrubs has this purplish dye that stays on skin even after taking a bath. I don't know if the color has something to do with the efficacy of this product but I kind of don't like it that purple tint stays on the skin (where you first applied it) because it does not look that good. It was a chance that I considered using a cleanser/toner afterwards because when I used this on my face, there was obvious dye that was wiped out by the cotton ball!

This Rub Me Good Bath Salt smells really nice! If you love the smell of milk, they you'll definitely love this too!

I like mixing it with honey and/or oil for best results since I find dry scrubs a little abrasive on the skin with all the grain edges. I admit that I hate this kind before but it was not until I have discovered that they are best when combined with honey. Girls, I really recommend that you do the same! You'll be surprise at how smooth, soft, bright, moisturized and hydrated your skin will become instantly! I know you love sniffing and touching your own pelts!

Overall, I like this scrub! It does not cause me any skin irritation nor trigger allergic reaction. I also recommend it to any skin type just as long as you can tolerate the level of abrasiveness of dry scrubs. Just be careful and try to apply it with light hands and I know, you'll be fine! Try and see the results for yourself by ordering only at Bask Beauty PH.

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