Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Bask Beauty Rub Me Good Bath Salt

Rub Me Good All Natural Bath Salt | P150
From: Bask Beauty PH
A good mix of dead sea salt and milk giving just the right amount of exfoliation and infused with fruit acids for that after shower glow. Can be used with your favorite essential oil or honey for that extra relaxing bath experience. Can be used both for face and body, avoiding the eye area.

I really appreciate the cute and sturdy packaging with a white twist-able cover except it has no information attached on a sticker or anything like that so I would not know the ingredients presented on this salt scrub. It would be a turn-off for curious people like me who likes to read labels. Anyway, I know Bask Beauty's working on it though!

I actually am in love with the fact that this scrub comes with a cute reusable wooden spoon that I can use to scoop up salt scrubs from the tub. It turned out to be more convenient to use because I can use wet hands without melting the salts.

The scrubs has this purplish dye that stays on skin even after taking a bath. I don't know if the color has something to do with the efficacy of this product but I kind of don't like it that purple tint stays on the skin (where you first applied it) because it does not look that good. It was a chance that I considered using a cleanser/toner afterwards because when I used this on my face, there was obvious dye that was wiped out by the cotton ball!

This Rub Me Good Bath Salt smells really nice! If you love the smell of milk, they you'll definitely love this too!

I like mixing it with honey and/or oil for best results since I find dry scrubs a little abrasive on the skin with all the grain edges. I admit that I hate this kind before but it was not until I have discovered that they are best when combined with honey. Girls, I really recommend that you do the same! You'll be surprise at how smooth, soft, bright, moisturized and hydrated your skin will become instantly! I know you love sniffing and touching your own pelts!

Overall, I like this scrub! It does not cause me any skin irritation nor trigger allergic reaction. I also recommend it to any skin type just as long as you can tolerate the level of abrasiveness of dry scrubs. Just be careful and try to apply it with light hands and I know, you'll be fine! Try and see the results for yourself by ordering only at Bask Beauty PH.

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