Sunday, May 22, 2016

Daricharm Fruity Peel Organic Beauty Bar

Daricharm Fruity Peel Organic Beauty Bar
From: Daricharm

Claims: Whiten scar, blemishes, dark spots, underarm, bikini lines, knees, elbows with micropeeling effect. Gentle and mild. Safe than other brand because it is made from plant extract.

This soap has a pinkish red hue and has a subtle scent of cherries. When I looked on its ingredients, there's no cherries on it though. I like things which smells and tastes like cherries--so sweet and yummy! Maybe this is why I can't wait to use it weeks ago. And after all the line up of soaps that I am yet to try, I still put it first just because.

This soap lathers well (but does not melt easily) and does not sting my face, which I totally appreciate after I've been through with chemical peeling. However, it's a peeling soap so I did expect slight stinging actually. I am just really surprised that after consuming the whole soap, there was still no tingling sensation felt. That being said, I also did not experience micro peeling even if it claims to. But I just want to clarify things here: we have different skin types with different reactions to certain products. What did not work for me, may work for you so if you are eyeing this soap, you need not to be so skeptical about purchasing it because it is free from harmful chemicals in the first place. The soap is made of organic ingredients that are healthy for the skin.

Thing is, that did not really disappoint me as I did not want painful micro-peeling at the moment. I just really love the scent of cherries. Okay, please don't roll your eyes at me now! :) Actually, I am thinking that maybe I used this Fruity Peel Organic Beauty Bar the wrong way. Maybe I should let it sit on my skin for minutes first before rinsing to experience micro-peeling? Ugh, I really don't know.

This soap leaves the skin clean though with a bit of dryness (but not flaky) so make sure to moisturize afterwards if you are using this. On a span of three weeks, I noticed my skin turned brighter and healthier but not really lighter like noticeably lighter. Also, I stopped using this on my face after a week because I experienced some breakouts on my upper jaw. It's a signal for me that I need to terminate my usage of a certain product and this soap is the only new goody I included in my skin care regimen before my skin acted up pretty much disastrously. But I did enjoy using the soap on my body as it makes the skin feel smooth and soft.

What I like:

-Cherry scent
-Mild/gentle on skin
-No stinging sensation
-Makes skin look bright and healthy
-Cleanses the skin well
-Suds greatly

What I don't like:

-Could be drying
-Does not lessen oil production
-Causes me to breakout on the jaw area
-No micropeeling effect
-Did not lighten dark spots/scars

Overall, this would be a nice cleansing soap if only it is suitable for my skin. Huhu. I recommend it to everyone except those with dry skin. Anyway, have you tried it, ladies? Go check out Daricharm on Instagram to avail one!

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