Saturday, May 21, 2016

Daricharm Tomato Serum

Daricharm Tomato Serum, 15ml
Price: P145
From: Daricharm

Active Ingredients: Tomato Extract, Vitamin B3, C, E, VCO, Glutathione, COllagen, Aloe Vera

Before I shoot you a review on Daricharm Tomato Serum, may I just ask you this question: Why do you think tomato serums always seem to be included on any shop's bestsellers? Hmmm...

Well, tomatoes and great skin are always interlinked in our minds. This is because we are probably all aware that these soft juicy fruit is loaded with skin nutrients that provide us healthy skin. Tomato serums moisturizes our pelts and keeps it healthy. It has antioxidants like lycopene that is known to fight free radicals, make skin light, smooth and glowing and prevents aging. It is also a rich source of protein that repairs cells. Tomato Extract is infused to products with pore-shrinking and sebum production-controlling claims, making it ideal for people with oily and troubled skin. Like me! Now, we know why.

Moving on...

So Daricharm sent me a tomato serum together with the Fruity Peel Soap which I will review soon. By the way, Daricharm is another booming Instagram shop that promotes the infusion of organic and natural ingredients on skin care products. Yay!

Well, looking at the packaging feels like I am holding a bottle of oil because of the dropper. To be honest, I am having a problem with getting the product inside. It takes a lot of pumps and effort just to squeeze some and tell you what, I have a very low dose of patience. Anyway, I'll prefer the bottles with a pump than this one forever.

The serum smells really nice! It smells sweet (the kind of sweet that I like), however, it made me think that it has added fragrance. The serum itself is very gentle on the skin and it felt like putting on some water--very light with no stingy feeling. The consistency is runny like other serums which gives me the right hydration and moisture that I need, given my oily skin. It also dries quickly and does not leave any greasiness. I guess that's one perk of using serums than creams that are oil-based. This one saves you from severe oil buildup which, later on, would cause you to breakout.

Upon weeks of constant use (morning and night), I can say that I still get occasional breakouts but they only seem to appear like small bumps on my face, no major ones. I also achieve a smoother, brighter, fresher and more glowing complexion every time I wake up. Guess, I do like Daricharm Tomato Serum! End of story.

What I like:

-Smells great
-Made of organic ingredients
-Free from harmful chemicals
-Prevents breakouts
-Brighten complexion
-Smoothen skin
-Makes skin glowing and radiant
-Controls sebum production
-Dries easily
-Does not sting

What I don't like:

-Does not shrink pores

Overall, this is another product that is worth repurchasing for its effectiveness and load of skin benefits! Imagine, tomato itself is already a powerhouse of nutrients but Daricharm added some more! I highly recommend it to everyone whether you have dry, oily or combination skin!

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