Monday, May 23, 2016

Eco Skin Love Miracle Cream

Finally, it had rained here on our place! Still, the weather gets humid and hot--makes me wanna go bare on beaches except that would look really disgusting. If you know what I mean. But of course, with this slightly annoying weather, we become less and less adamant about putting on moisturizers because they tend to trap more heat on our skin. But even though we're a bit resentful about the idea, using moisturizers whether it be in cream form is necessary or suffer premature ageing. Uh-uh. I know you abhor the latter. So today, I am going to share with you guys the moisturizer that I have been using this summer! It's really moisturizing and it's got SPF!

Eco Skin Love Miracle Cream, 50grams
Price: Free/Original Price: P280

Claims: Anti-Melasma, Prevents puffy eyes and saggy skin, Fades fine lines and wrinkles, Treats dull, rough and dry skin, Whitens skin, Protects the skin from harmful UV rays and free radicals, Mild Rose scent

Before I proceed with the review proper, let me thank Eco Skin Love for sending this cream to me along with other healthy skin treats! The people behind are so generous, really. In fact, one of the generous, dedicated, passionate and truly environmental advocate sellers that I know of.

All the products inside the parcel wowed me as they all look promising! But let me just share to you only one for now: Eco Skin Love Miracle Cream SPF60!

The cream is packed in a cute plastic tub with complete labeling--description, benefits, directions, ingredients and proof of authenticity. But wait, it lacks the expiration date! Sad. But I still appreciate the overall packaging. Anyway, I know I should never care about it as I would probably consume everything months before it even expires.

The cream has a thick consistency like paste and smells like one too but with a hint of rose.  And because I am not that picky when it comes to scents of products, I find it not too bothersome at all.

The cream is kinda hard to blend given the viscosity and dries to a sticky matte feel. The stickiness would eventually fade after minutes so still this product is okay for me. I like that it does not trigger oiliness nor leaves my face looking dewy because believe me, dewiness does not blend well with my super oily face. Sad. I wonder how it looks good with Korean skin.

Anyway, I like how the cream gives a brighter look on my face while providing a good canvas for foundations/bb creams. Yes! Seriously, I do use this as a makeup base too to save on moisturizer-primer-bb cream/foundation kind of day. And surprisingly this cream really works! It prevents early makeup meltdown without imparting some white cast on the face even with the high SPF content!

And yeah, you read it right, it has a pretty much decent amount of SPF that you can just ditch your facial sunblock, etc, because of the whooping SPF60! It is actually my first time to encounter an organically and naturally made cream with SPF60 so I really felt protected by it, especially now when sun's rays are so strong. Also, even though it has SPF, it did not broke me out.

What's more is that the product itself is super affordable! A pea-size amount is enough for the whole face and neck so a 50-gram tub would last you for months! If you are very practical, then go buy one and you wouldn't regret a single thing about this.


What I like:

-moisturizes the skin well
-good makeup base
-high SPF content of 60
-scent is okay
-treats dry skin
-brighten the skin and eye area
-handy packaging
-has complete labeling
-makes skin soft and smooth
-does not cause me breakouts
-does not trigger oiliness
-good for any skin type (unless you have allergy with certain ingredients)

What I don't like:

-hard to blend
-has a sticky feeling

Overall, I love this product and would highly recommend this to everyone! What more can I say? A cream in a tub that's affordable, effective and made of organic and natural ingredients is what I totally need in my life! Go grab yours only at Eco Skin Love.

'Til my next blog post! Happy blogging,dearest junkies! :)))

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