Monday, May 9, 2016

First Impression: Bare Skin + Pure White and Glow Soaps

Pure White and Glow Soaps
Price: P120/ea
From: Bare Skin

Taking cold showers is a boon to summer's heat and humidity. It feels so refreshing, it's almost as exaggerating as breaking free! But pairing good bath essentials to every shower's what make things more fun! So lucky to have these Pure White and Glow Soaps delivered straight to home. Thank you so much for these goodies, Ms. Rowena of MBSS Skin Solutions!

The bars weighed like a good amount of product (meaning it's larger compared to other bars of soap) and smells almost like your typical Kojic+Glutathione Soap in the market except this one has a milder scent and citrusy without the pungent smell of chemicals. The bars look cute too with that orange ombre effect and embossed Bare Skin label which imparts an exclusive touch to the product.

Since it's Kojic and Glutathione in one soap, I expect deep lightening/brightening for my skin. I am currently using this soap on my body and yeah, so far, so good! After road testing the soaps, let's see what it can do to me! Will update you guys! Til my next post. Happy blogging!

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