Monday, May 2, 2016

First Impression: Daricharm + Products

Fruity Peel Organic Beauty Bar | Price to be updated
Tomato Serum | 15ml | P145
From: Daricharm

Another set of goodies for me to get so kilig! Waaa! People seems to know what I love to receive especially when I'm too stressed out! Thank you so much Daricharm! For now, I am gonna post a first impression blog about them and some of their products which I will be featuring and reviewing soon once I road test each. Since I am still fighting for my time, let's just settle for short impression first! Yeeha! Let' get started!

So I stalked Daricharm on their IG page and I figured out that there isn't much variety of products available. I think it's nice because they have plenty of time to expand and experiment plus everything could be a bestseller! If I am not mistaken, they sell two variants of  soap: Fruity Peel and Gold Soap Organic Beauty Bar. They also have grapeseed and castor oils, balms. pills, bleaching powders and other stuff. Yeah, that few.

1. Fruity Peel Organic Beauty Bar | Price to be updated

 Another soap to try out! Actually. it has been months since I last use peeling soaps so dead skin cells has already been noticeably accumulating on my layers and I badly need to get rid of them! I fail to use scrubs too ever since I ran out of my favorite St. Ives so you can just imagine how terrible my face looks like right now. I hope this soap could bring back a smoother layer with less visible pimple scars and blemishes.

 2. Tomato Serum | 15ml | P145

 Ugh, been using this serum ever since I received this and the effects are really amazing! It smells sweet--not at all like any tomato serums I have tried before. Well. so far the best tomato serum I ever gave a try! The only downside I have with this is the packaging. Oils in this type of packaging are forgivable but not with serums because application tends to be so hard when you need to squeeze the rubber part repetitively and just like dropper tools, it only gives you inadequate amount so the tool gets contaminated with air, thus the serum itself. I hope you can imagine. Hoho! For full review, stay tuned!

Looking forward to hoard products mentioned above? Don't hesitate to give Daricharm a quick message! Happy blogging!

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