Sunday, May 1, 2016

First Impression: Eco Skin Love + Products

Lip and Cheek Tint | 10ml | P110
Eco Mineral DD Cream | 30g | P270
Eco Miracle Cream | 50g | P280
Pomegranate Fair Bar | P270
Tomato Milk Bar | 135g | P200

First and foremost, thank you so much Ms. Gee of Eco Skin Love for sending these healthy skin treats over! Feeling so lucky to have received these! Kakilig talaga, as in! One of the most generous sellers I know, indeed. Love love! :)

Anyway, onto the first impression proper. Lol.

When I received the parcel, I was like "Woah! More organic and natural products to road test!". My eyes easily dropped on the soaps because I so love soaps! Then onto the high-end looking roll-on lip tint, cream and finally the DD Cream! I never thought DD Creams even exist until Ms. Gee sent me one! Gah, I feel like a late bloomer. Lol.

1. Lip and Cheek Tint | 10ml | P110

This comes in a roll-on type packaging for easy application. It looks posh and cute. In fact, it does not look anything worth P110. The amount of the product inside the container is of generous amount and on first use, I must say that this lip tint is such a keeper. The color payoff was good, perfect for those who loves bright pink lips! If, however, you aim for a darker shade, like red, you can avail the other variant. Longevity wise, this is such a winner!

2. Eco Mineral DD Cream | 30g | P270

As I have said, I never knew that DD Creams exist until Ms. Gee sent me one. So I get curious like a cat, tried it immediately on my skin and I was really glad that it dries to a semi-matte finish. You know, I hate those foundations/creams that leaves a dewy finish because they just trigger severe oil production (in my personal experience). I can say that this product is very light on the skin. Actually it's like a tinted moisturizer for me but does not do much to cover imperfections which is but fine as I could easily layer up foundation on top.

3. Eco Miracle Cream | 50g | P280

This tub has a generous amount of cream inside so there is no doubt that it would last me months to consume everything. For only P280, you get an SPF60-filled tub--perfect for summer! That's quite a protection, don't you think?

I am currently using this cream along with the DD Cream and other products included in my skin care routine (I'll be posting it here on my blog too) and I'm loving the effects! Imagine, no major breakouts on my period? That's a cut above my expectation!

4. Pomegranate Fair Bar | P270

For its retail price, I am actually expecting something great. Being satisfied with the above products of Eco Skin Love, I am not skeptical on using this soap on my skin! As a matter of fact, this one is next in line to my current soap! Can't wait to try this out as it would be my first time using a soap with pomegranate extract!

5. Tomato Milk Bar | 135g | P200

Hearing tomato-infused bars made me think of the organic soap that I purchased years ago with tomato extract. It was a pleasant experience for me because I once said hello to bright, slightly flushed skin with astounding hydrating properties. I'm really looking forward to experiencing the same thing with the Tomato Milk Bar!

I'll be posting individual reviews for each soon. For more information, visit Eco Skin Love on Instagram! Happy blogging!

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