Saturday, May 28, 2016

My (Late) May Wishlist

Uhh, I think I seldom write wishlist post? I think so? Hmm, hiatus effects, right. I wanted to beat the month where I posted the most number of blog post in all my blogging experience but time really won't allow. I was sorting out through my stash earlier for a product ready to review but I found none as I discovered I haven't tested them well for an honest review. Huhu, so yeah, sticking up to a wishlist post right now since I have been window shopping online lately!

Without further ado, let me show you what I've got in mind!

1. Beauty Blender

I guess just everyone who is a makeup enthusiast would love to get their hands on this egg-shaped latex-free sponge, yes? A single sponge retails for a thousand bucks. That expensive. And I surely would not spend that much for a single piece. But don't get me wrong! I would love to own one, that is, if someone with a kind heart would send me (lol) because everyone's been gushing about its hype abilities both online and offline!


2. Clarisonic Face Brush

I have always wanted one of these Clarisonic face brushes because of it ability to deep-cleanse pores and exfoliate the skin. I have also read a lot of positive feedbacks about it but I find it quite pricey to avail too. Anyway, I currently have my on Althea's own version of this brush--the Pore Sonic which retails for a fraction of its price.


3. L'oreal Infallible Pro-Matte Foundation and Powder

Because of the bi-polar weather, my face has been acting up lately. Sometimes it turns oily, other times it was dry (feels tight but still oily). The weather contributes to the rapid meltdown of my makeup too so I am in the search of a good foundation and pressed powder that would completely make me at a loss for words. Lots of bloggers are raving about the L'oreal Infallible Pro-Matte collection saying that they are best for oily-skinned gals like me with the great staying power. Hmm, been written on my to-buy list since last month!


4. Mac Lipsticks

Need I say more? Of course, girls really can't have too many lipsticks.


5. Revlon Foundations

I never tried any from the plethora of Revlon foundations even once since I started collecting makeups. Yes, they are affordable at a drugstore price but my inner self just seem so scared to be disappointed all over again. Though proclaimed to be one of the brands with worthy foundations, their wide selection of shades and labels confuse me making me skeptical on buying them. Truth be told, I find it hard figuring out what my shade is and what consistency my oily skin would be suitable to.


6. Sigma Brushes

Oh my goodness! These brushes just seems so awesome and feels like those where I could feel love at first use. Many makeup enthusiasts are turning to it if they want to achieve a Mac level of brush strokes. I could have them forever but when reality strikes that they retail for a not-so-affordable price (provided that I only have a limited student budget), just keeps on telling me to shut up and skimp.


So...there's my June Wishlist! Care to share what's yours?

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