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Banila Co Prime Primer in Classic Matte Review

P.S This post has cartoon-ized pictures because I had been experimenting with my cam. Lol.

Banila Co Prime Primer in Classic Matte, 30ml
Bought for: (P1060) P530 at 50% off

I have been eyeing Banila Co Primer since last year when everybody's gushing about it and exactly the time when I started being a makeup enthusiast. They say that it was the best primer in Korea and being a believer of  K-beauty, I started saving up for it but I always ended up not buying it because affordability wise, it's kinda pricey.

So when I figured out Althea has it, I stalked it. It retails for a lot lesser price but still a bit pricey for a cheapskate like me and on the second month of June (if I am not mistaken) I found it inviting since it was on sale on top of its already sale price! I felt like it's one in a lifetime opportunity, so without hesitation, I grabbed it along with some other essentials I personally picked for myself.

With all the makeup available in the market, I believe that primers are the most taken for granted. Lots of people aren't aware on its use that's why they buy lots of foundations or eyeshadows without even thinking of the one thing that makes them last a longer time and lets them pop out.

I am not a fan of silicone-based products and the first thing that comes to my mind by that are primers so yeah, I once was really one of those who tends to skip base and proceeds to foundation or BB creams immediately. The thing was, I tried to understand what I had been missing out and finally ventured into primer world before I call myself a super late bloomer.

Without further ado, here's my review about Banila Co Prime Primer in Classic Matte.

Claims: (1) Sebum Controlling Power. Boosts up the skin tone and maintains the natural complexion with deep moisturizing effect from eco herb water complex. (2) Prevents oily gloss by absorbing excess sebum. Replenishes skin texture with instant hydration that minimizes pore imperfections as well as completing silky smooth skin surface. (3) Matte primer which helps to maintain all day makeup. Instantly corrects complexion corners including dullness and redness that creates vibrant youthful skin complexion.

With clean satin-finish formula that minimizes the appearance of shine, pores, and fine lines, and creates a smooth, uniform canvas for flawless makeup application. Recommended for those with large pores and uneven skin surface.

Well, let's just see if this product really lives up to its promises.

If you are an engaged follower of mine, I bet you know that my skin type is on oily side. Banila Co has variants to select on depends on your skin type: Classic (for normal people, kidding!), Hydrating (for dry skin), Classic Matte (for me joke!), Hydrating Shimmer, Anti-Wrinkle and Purity. The last three are not available for orders in Althea Philippines. And. I chose matte of course because they are intended for gals that tends to get shiny most if not all the time.

The product comes in a hard translucent plastic bottle with a pump so I'm pretty sure you won't find a hard time dispensing the product. I like it this way too because we can preserve the freshness and cleanliness of the product since we can't touch it and of course, we can control the amount that we want to use.

The product has a gel-like texture and is thin and runny in formula and consistency (the texture is very similar to Maybelline Pore Eraser and Quick FX, the difference is in the consistency) and in fact, turns liquid-y when applied on skin. You won't see if it's already dried as it disappears easily so make sure to allot time for it to set so the foundation or bb creams won't mix with it and create clumps. It also has a faint scent to it which is not bothersome at all. It does not create a tacky feeling but feels very lightweight, you'll hardly feel it on your skin. It does not turn like flat matte, instead it feels velvety too. However, when applied with heavy moisturizer under, you could still see that there's dewiness peeking through. So if you really opt for a shine-free finish, skip off heavy moisturizers.

As far as I know, primers are pore-fillers too. That is to say that Banila Co Prime Primer should act out as one. The thing is, it does not do its job to even slightly make my pores look smaller in size. The circumference of my pores is still obvious even when dabbed with this primer. I can't help comparing it to Benefit Porefessional. There's slight brightening effect though and it offers an uber flawless canvas to start painting on. I like that I still can feel my skin even underneath this primer yet it shields my skin from becoming overly-exposed to makeup.

I am having an issue with breakouts these last few days. I got pimples on my jaw and cheek area which, yes, can be attributed to a lot of factors like poor sleeping habits, school stress and problems, hormonal imbalance (I just had finished with this month's period), skin care (which is proven to not be the problem) and other things but I cannot just ignore the fact that I got them exactly the moment when I started using this.

Another thing I like about this primer is how it prevents the easy breakdown of foundation I have on. Despite all the negatives I pinpoint about it, at least it's true to its function. Normally,  my face base lasts for only a few hours because of my super oily skin which seriously contributes to easy meltdown of makeup but with this primer, I proudly say that it stays all day with slight retouch of powder and blotting papers/tissues. I can't also complement its oil control ability. I put it right now and I get oily easily in just a matter of minutes. Not really exceptional in that field.

By the way here's some more description written in Korean just in case you can read it (I can't! Huhuhu). I am not supposed to include it but yeah, for your reference, here is it!

Just a little reminder, avoid applying even a little over the top as it can form white clumps when rubbed. A little goes a long way and that's how it should go.

Will I repurchase? To be honest, I find this question a little hard to answer. I have been in a love-hate relationship with Banila Co Prime Primer in Classic Matte and everything weigh in balance but it's safe to say that I might repurchase if it's in its discounted price because I don't think it really deserves to be priced that expensive and its spot as the best primer in Korea.

Will I recommend this? If you are looking for an okay primer, this will do but I suggest that if you can pay a little extra bucks, you go for Benefit Porefessional. I hate to say this because I can't believe it myself but I think the Maybelline Baby Pores (retails around P300 if I am not mistaken) does better. However, I would still use this primer for the next few weeks to spot what I missed on. I still want to give this product a chance knowing that almost everyone's loving it.

'Til my next post! Happy blogging!

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