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Bask Beauty Pores In Order Balancing Toner

Bask Beauty Pores In Order Balancing Toner
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I have a friend who has a favoritism towards toner among other skin care products. Truth be told, I never thought it was possible to feel both shock and amazement all at the same time. Why toners? I mean, I could live without toners but never soaps or creams, but...seriously, why toners? In a few seconds after she said that, I got bombarded with tons of ideas and questions as a beauty blogger.
Well, up til now I still get no answer but upon receiving toners from my generous sponsors and buying some, I was able to list down the things why toners are a must. It could be probably a multifunctional skin care product on our vanity area. We just did not realize it earlier.

Toners could be cleansers which removes makeup, dirt and oil that weren't brought down by our usual facial wash/soaps. Toners (in different formulas) could be hydrators and moisturizers that balances our natural skin ph level and provide hydration to newly-cleansed, dry skin. Do you think of something more? Talk to me via the comment box!

Anyway, while we talk about toners, here's one product that I would highly recommend to her and to everyone: Bask Beauty PH Toner.

The toner comes in a typical transparent plastic bottle without any frills whatsoever. I believe that it was one of the newly-packaged toners delivered to consumers. You can check out Bask Beauty for the updated packaging.

The consistency, texture and color is comparable to water--it's pretty much odorless too which is just fine with me as I prefer it towards perfumed ones because they may contain parfum/fragrance that might irritate the skin.

When you spritz some on cotton swabs (3 spritz for me) and apply it on the face, you can see that this products glides easily and dries fast too. It is easily absorbed by the pores, cleanse them slightly (not too much as I can hardly see dirt on cotton after using this) and moisturizes and hydrates the skin big time. This toner really balances skin's natural ph without stripping off its natural moisture. Some toners may leave my face like flat matte but this one makes my skin look healthy with that dewy glow but does not trigger severe oil production.

After finishing the bottle, I felt like I had a much clearer, brighter and healthier skin. This product did not totally reduce the size of my pores nor the time I oil up, but good thing, this never broke me out. The naturally and organically-derived plant extracts and other actives may contribute to it.

What I like:

-Moisturizes skin
-Hydrates skin
-Dries fast
-Makes skin looking clear, bright and healthy
-Made of organic and natural ingredients
-Did not cause breakouts
-Soothes skin
-Suits any skin type

What I don't like:


Overall, I love Bask Beauty Pores In Order Balancing Toner and I highly recommend it to everyone. So would I repurchase? Sure, but I am currently trying out lots of products today to be able to post reviews. For now, this toner is on my top to-buy list to run into whenever I am looking for toners that do not trigger too much sebum production and won't clog pores.

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