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Bioessence Acnetrol Toner, AB Liquid and Sulfur Soap Review

Bioessence Acnetrol Toner with Salicylic Acid, 150ml
Bioessence Acnetrol AB Liquid, 30ml
Bioessence Sulfur Soap
Bought for: P980
Bought from: Bioessence

Last two weeks, I had a free facial claimed from Bioessence Binondo Branch. If you read my previous blog post about my first trip to a facial salon (the title spills everything), you would know that it's my first time I had my visage treated by a facial therapist. As she was doing my face, she kept on promoting products telling my boyfriend and I that I need this and that so my face would heal fast especially after the extraction. I was not supposed to buy her words, mainly because I was not prepared financially and partly because that would be pretty much an addition to my heaps of to-review products and I have the littlest time considering I am doing thesis.

To make long story short, my boyfriend said that we'll get everything that she recommended--Bioessence Acnetrol Toner, AB Liquid and Sulfur Soap. I was internally happy of course, but a part of me tells me that he got those because I looked horribly red and blemished and he thought nobody needs them better than I do. Lol. Anyway, let's proceed to the review proper.

Bioessence Acnetrol Toner with Salicylic Acid

Claims: The newest generation of facial toner, formulated to improve the quality and texture of the skin. It helps restore your natural PH balance making the skin healthy and glowing.

Ingredients: Salicylic Acid, Water, Ethyl Alcohol, Resorcinol

The product comes in a blue tinted plastic bottle with 150ml of product inside. It also has a cover that opens and shuts with a click. I actually thought it's safe from spilling or product evaporating because of the tight cover but it's not. I sometimes felt wet spots on the bottle, meaning liquids come out. So the best thing to do is to always make sure that it is properly sealed and to place it upright to prevent spilling. It also got a strong hint of alcohol so it evaporates fast--another reason to pay extra attention to the packaging.

We've heard Salicylic Acid so many times and I bet everyone knows it's mainly for the prevention an healing of acne/pimples. However, the Resorcinol sounds like alien to me so I had to research on its benefits and here's what it says according to Resorcinol works by breaking down rough, scaly, or hardened skin. Resorcinol also disinfects the skin to help fight infection. Resorcinol topical (for the skin) is used to treat pain and itching...also used to treat acne, eczema, psoriasis, seborrhea, corns, calluses, warts, and other skin disorders.

Using it for a course of two weeks, I had to say that I really love this toner. It gently cleanses my skin, removes deep-seated dirt and traces of makeup on the pores. It also dries fast and to a matte finish so I don't look dewy (oily in my case) to think that I just got off from the bath. Haha! It also does not sting my face nor cause anymore redness. Some people might receive allergic reactions from using Salicylic-infused products but not me. There was no painful feeling or sting whatsoever.

Bioessence Acnetrol AB Liquid

Claims: Contains concentrated Clindamycin antibiotic for a more intensive treatment of pimples, severe acne, and other infected skin disorder.

I am actually in awe with all the clinical-sounding of Bioessence products in the Acnetrol Skin Care. As usual, Clindamycin sounds unusual for me again so I researched a little about it online and here's what google said: Clindamycin is used to treat a wide variety of bacterial infections. It is an antibiotic that works by stopping the growth of bacteria. This antibiotic treats only bacterial infections. It will not work for virus infections.

The packaging is similar to the toner with the blue-tinted plastic with enough details like descriptions, direction for use, ingredients, etc. It has a combination of alcohol and sour smell on it (if I am not mistaken) which is not bothersome at all.

It does not specify that it is a spot treatment but I use it as such as recommended by the facial therapist. After toning my face, I would then apply as small amount on a tiny cotton pad/buds and dab the formula on troubled spots. According to her, this is for the fast-healing of the pimples, blackheads and whiteheads where I just had some extraction on.

On first use, it really made my skin look firmer as I tend to apply this mostly on the wholeness of my face where I had breakouts on every corner. It dries to matte too, meaning, there's no any trace of dewiness. 

Bioessence Sulfur Soap

The soap smells strong because of its sulfur content which is bearable. And through the years of acquiring new knowledge about skin care, one of which is learning that sulfur is an element that is gentle and effective in healing and preventing acne breakouts and reducing sebum production with days of religious use.

This soap comes in 90g of product content but is enough to last you a long time since it lathers richly and does not easily melt on soap plates just as long as you store it on dry places away from shower.

In the direction, it says to let it dry for two minutes which I always fail to do because it tend to be drying on my skin. If you are to use this, try to weigh things first and whether to let it dry and rinse it right away because may feel different. I just feel like it makes my skin taut if I let it stay for more minutes. Nonetheless, I would say that it really is still effective on my breakouts even when not left for a few more minutes.

 After every wash, I notice that my skin feels so refreshed and clean without further irritation, peeling or redness which is very ideal for me. Given my already irritated and reddened skin, I appreciate that it does not contribute to worsening of my skin condition.


I just love this set. I swear and I say it without any exaggeration that this is the only Acne Set that works like magic on me. On second day of use after my Bioessence facial, I got a couple of breakouts on my jaw area. I assume that that was because of the incompatibility of my previous skin care and this set. On succeeding days, however, they disappeared and I was left with NO breakout at all. Totally not my skin. It was miracle and I guess this is it! My holy grail set! All that was left was blemishes from the extraction but I have the AB Liquid to heal them fast though.

What about on red days? Well I got two new bumps again on my jaw area. But it is barely even there. What I mean is that they are too small and truth be told, almost unnoticeable. They are pus-free and does not hurt a bit.

Would I repurchase? Hell yeah! Though I am yet to try other products, I will still go back to this set where I wish that the compatibility of this and my skin would remain intact. I highly recommend it to everyone who wants to have a clearer, brighter, more radiant and glowing skin! It may cost you a little above budget, but I swear you would not mind if you were to experience the same!

Tried it? Yes? No? Share your thoughts via the comment section o'right? Happy blogging!

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