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Eco Skin Love Pomegranate Fair Bar

Eco Skin Love Pomegranate Fair Bar
Bought for: Free | Original Price: P270

Last month (I think), I came home to a package with organic products that were looking really good. I tried most of the items immediately out of curiosity and I loved every piece to bits. 
It was an opportunity to be an organic user of Eco Skin Love and I am a living testimony of how its products boost my confidence over time. This sounds like an exaggeration but I am really happy to be part of the ESL Family. The effectiveness of the products and their affordability made me a lot prouder being one.

For today, what I am going to review is their Pomegranate Fair Bar.

As you can see, the bar has a very simple packaging. What makes it stands out is the transparency of the product and its complete labeling. It has a description box, ingredients, etc. I guess it really does contribute eventually to gains of loyal users when you crafted your pieces with love and genuineness.


The bar has a deep hue of violet with traces of orange, red, etc. Was it the combination of all actives presented in the soap? Hmm...could be. Anyway, you probably don't see it but it has poppy seeds that is soooo good in exfoliating the skin when bathing. I love that they are fine and abrasive enough to scrub away dead skin cells. Turns out I need not anymore body scrub unless I get my skin super dry.

The scent of the product has a combination of citrus and sweetness which I like.
The bar suds well enough to clean my face. It effectively removes dirt and oil on pores, leaving it softer, smoother, clearer and more radiant. However, it could be a little drying on the skin so moisturizer is a must.

After finishing the whole bar, I noticed that in retrospect, I rarely had breakouts on my skin. My face became noticeably fairer and the traces of uneven skin tone reduced significantly.

Overall, I love Eco Skin Love Pomegranate Fair Bar. It is quite pricey for a 135 grams of bar but you will surely get your penny's worth. With that, I would like to constantly remind you, guys, that we all have different skin type. What works for me may not work for you or it is the other way around. 

Moreover, I would say that it would not suit dry skim because the whitening agents in the PFB will suck out skin moisture which might cause you more dryness. On a lighter note, I find this soap gentle to the skin (no sting effect or whatsoever) so sensitive skin could also devour on it.

Below is the video of my sort of 'unwrapping' the product.

What I like:

-Cleanses well
-Sweet and Citrusy scent
-Has ingredient list
-Has descriptions
-Made up of organic and natural products
-Has poppy seeds for gentle exfoliation
-Makes skin bright and glowing
-Reduces dirt and oil effectively
-Prevents pimples/acne
-No sting feeling
-Gentle on skin

What I don't like:

-A bit drying

You might want to checkout --an article that will provide some more facts, list of nutrients, list of diseases that can be cured by pomegranate and of course, you will also learn how to enjoy consuming this kind of fruit!

So yeah, that's all for today! Til my next post! Don't forget to subscribe and happy blogging!

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