Thursday, June 16, 2016

First Impression: Bella S Whitening + Products

Bella S Whitening Combi Soaps (Premium Arbutin Soap, Soya Soap, Orange Whitening Soap)
Bought for: Free | Market Price: P135/each

Hey guys! I've recently received soaps from Bella S Whitening Manila and I want to thank them for the trust. Each soap has their own claims (and which looks all quite promising in my eyes) that I will list down below for your own reference.

Premium Arbutin Soap has power dose whitening and micro peeling effect that delivers pinkish white glow. They also dubbed it as the all-in-one-soap. We may heard it a million times but who knows, it may turn out to be our holy grail soap. The Soya Soap, on the other hand, has oat chunks which I believe would be good for gentle exfoliation. This soap also claims to be hypoallergenic, gives smooth, soft skin and fast whitening effect, is anti-aging, and is best for healing of dark spots and stretchmarks. The last soap in their whitening combi soap collection is the Orange Whitening Soap. It says to have pure whitening active ingredients, is best for pimple marks, oily skin and blackheads and will eventually give the skin pinkish white glow.

I have known Arbutin to be an effective plant-derived ingredient to brighten up skin appearance, usually a competitor to Kojic Soaps, yet is more potent and stable than the latter. I have read good reviews about them online so I am expecting good results with the soap too.

To be honest, I never have tried Soya Soaps before, especially the ones with oats on it but the claims were so good to be true which makes me more thrilled to use just to know if it can really whiten skin fast.

I have confused the Orange Whitening Soap to Kojic Acid Soap because of the color. Lots of elders said that oranges (even the peels) are effective in reducing skin problems mainly acne and pimples. They also said that putting orange peels on blenders, mix with honey and egg white would make the skin lighter and firmer. Well, have you tried that? I haven't but I am planning too! Don't worry, I'll share the experience with you soon! All I am saying is that, Bella S Whitening is just right on time sending me this soap! Yay!

So... that's my first impression about BSW's Products! Stoked to try them? Go grab yours by placing your orders online! Don't forget to subscribe! Happy blogging! :)

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