Sunday, June 26, 2016

First Impression Review: Go Bare PH + Miracle Balm + Oat Milk Porridge Soap

Miracle Balm 40g, P278 (on sale at P250 until July 10, 2016)

Claims: It's perfectly formulated to treat various skin problems. Sealed and properly labeled to ensure product freshness and effectiveness.It has micro-peeling effect that help lighten skin. No paraben. No hydroquinone. No mercury. No harmful chemicals. Made with all natural ingredients. Best for: underarms, chicken skin, scars, stretchmarks, inguinal area, butt, dark spots, knees, elbows, ankle, nape and many more!

Tip: This is best used with their Yellow Marmalade Soap (gentle and no micropeeling effect) or use it with their Mulberry Puree Soap (whitening and micropeeling) for faster results!

A few weeks ago, Go Bare PH sent me two samples of their products--the Miracle Balm and the Oat Milk Porridge Soap. If you are not familiar with Go Bare, they are one of those booming Instagram shops which promote cruelty-free products. Can I just express my amazement to each one of them because they are contributing to making the skin care world a better place. I beg to agree that one day every mass-produced products by large companies will eventually switch to natural and organic ways of keeping every girl beautiful.

The Miracle Balm comes in an aluminum jar with 40g of products inside. The product comes in a blue colored, balmy texture with such scent that I find divine for my senses. The scent is neither plain nor overwhelming, I hardly believe anyone would find it off-

The packaging has a downside too because it can be pretty much unhygienic when you have to dip your fingers on the same spot in circular manner given the balm's quality to blend hardly since the texture is a bit dry. Hope you can understand what I am trying to say.

I apply this every night to soothe my just-waxed pits (yeah, I bet you did not guess earlier that it can also be used on the underarms huh), to moisturize my it, and to lessen chicken skin which results from waxing. I like that it does not feel annoyingly sticky or I will stop using it. Upon weeks of use, I would say that this balm is effective in lessening the look and feel of chicken skin and works great in smoothing and softening out bumps and roughness. No sign of whitening nor micropeeling however which is just fine because the last time I used a micropeeler on my UA, it just turned darker with layers and layers of unremoved dead skin cells.

I haven't finished the jar yet so I don't have substantial proof to show you whether it did lighten other skin concerns like scars, pimple marks, blemishes, stretchmarks but I will do a full review once I got noticeable results. Comment down if you wanted me to write one!

Oat Milk Porridge Soap, 130-140g (full size), P192.50

The package comes with a sample size of their Oat Milk Porridge Soap which I tried immediately! I like that it smells like creamy milk and butter! Waaaa it tempts me to eat this, to be honest. It also feels so soft on the skin and does not leave it feeling taut or dry. It instead feels moisturizing with its gentle cleansing ability and exfoliating too with the oats.

Another thing that I like about it is that it is compatible with my current skin care. Usually, as I try to include another product in the routine, my face reacts violently through excessive breakouts especilly on the jaw area. Trying this soap is like me gambling. I took the risk assuming that this soap would break me out if used in conjunction with my current skin care, but it did not.

I plan on buying the full-sized but my student budget won't allow me yet and I still have lots of products to try.

Overall, I like the Miracle Balm and the Oat Milk Porridge Soap. They are affordable and effective, you would surely love the results! I highly recommend it to anyone if you are looking for maintenance cream for your underarms and gentle soaps to try! If you want to avail yours now, kindly visit Go Bare PH on Instagram. Til my next post! Happy blogging!

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