Thursday, June 9, 2016

First Impression: Soul Skin PH + Spot Me Clear Set

Spot Me Clear Set (Soap, Toner, Cream)
Bought for: Free | Original Price: P320/set
From: Soul Skin PH

Even though I just had my facial a.k.a extraction of acne pus last Monday, I got a couple of breakouts the next few days. I believe they were caused by the sudden change in my skin care regimen where I substituted my organic soaps and drugstore toner with the ones that the facial therapist recommended. The point is, I badly need to stick to sets that aims to reduce oiliness and breakouts on the skin. Good thing, Ms. Hannah of Soul Skin PH sent me their Spot Me Clear Set. It's cute how we were named the same, just that mine lacks the letter H at the end of my name.

I don't know if its intentional that Ms. Hannah sent me the Fair Me Up Soap intead of the Spot Me Clear one to go with the toner and cream. Anyway, it does not matter because I need some remedy for my uneven skin tone anyway.

According to Soul Skin PH, this set is fortified with Green Tea (oh, I love Green Tea!), Lemon, Orange, Apple Cider and Aloe Vera that will work to prove its claims.

It totally shakes me up when I figured out that their sets are so affordable at P320-P330 bucks each with three skin care items as I rarely encounter organically and naturally-derived products that is being sold that cheap. So, it's safe to say that what you will be getting is light on the pocket without compromising the quality because of all the positive feedbacks of users.

So, because of its claim to reduce oil and acne, I had to say that this set is probably what I need. Just to be clear, I haven't tested it yet myself and results may vary. Anyway, you can get yours by placing your order at Soul Skin PH! 'Til my next post! 

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