Thursday, June 9, 2016

First Time Basic Facial at Bioessence

Clearly, me on my first ever facial at Bioessence is a lot different from the statement: me on my first ever facial. And when I say first ever facial, I meant that it was really the first time I underwent a facial treatment involving real facial therapist and her skin care advises. Usually, it's just me and some research about skin-care-at-home and do-it-yourself projects. Though afraid of pain, I decided I need this time to be more like a real beauty blogger (lol) since that's what I am telling everyone and I guess, it's pretty normal when you love facials and treatments, right?

And it all started like this.

I was just visiting random beauty accounts on Instagram and I accidentally dropped by Bioessence. I was right on time because they were hosting a giveaway about Naked Beauty where participants only had to upload a bare face selfie and answer the question that Bioessence gave which will serve to be the caption. The winner will get a free basic facial and will be the face of the week. Winners will be chosen every Friday, by the way, you can still join! Being an avid giveaway-joiner, I tried my luck again and fortunately, I was chosen. I claimed my free basic facial at their Bionondo Branch last Monday. My boyfriend was really kind enough to escort me there, taking photos while I was undergoing the treatment (sounds like I'm having some serious disease lol).

Here are some photos he took of me.

The first thing they did was slightly massage my face then prep my skin up by the usual removing of makeup, cleansing and scrubbing. 

After making sure that my skin is already clean, they set up the steam to open up my pores for deep cleansing. I'm pretty sure you are all familiar with this step as you can do this even at your home if you want to pamper yourselves and give some time to homey facial. This step will also relax your tired skin and open up your pores to make it easier to remove deep impurities.

The next step was the painful one (extraction of pus, etc) but it really depends on the severity of troubles on your skin because they sort of pop and prick them each and remove the dirt inside the pores. It was painful though eventually, you'll get immune to it. I think, those that do not have this much pimples on the face would not really feel any pain at all. By the way, closing your eyes tight would really help a lot lol.

Once they are done with all the removal of pimples, blackheads and whiteheads, they are going to seal your pores again with the laser. And then, they will cover your face with this kind of mask which stings a bit probably because I just had some extraction. Nonetheless, the sting was tolerable.

By the way, here's some Acnetrol products that we purchased since according to the facial therapist, these products will heal all the pimples that I got on my face. She advised me to come back after a week or two for a purifying facial treatment best for my oily skin.

Acnetrol Toner with Salicylic Acid
Acnetrol AB Liquid
Sulfur Soap

This is the third day since I last had my facial and so far so good! My friend even complimented my skin saying that it looks firmer and it felt like it too! There's no post allergic reaction whatsoever but a couple of new pimple breakout on my jaw area probably results from the sudden change of skin care regimen. Nonetheless, I love how my visage turned smoother and softer! I might go back in two weeks ha!


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