Thursday, June 30, 2016

Last Minute Gift Ideas: Personalized Perfume Bottles from Chemiscents

Welcoming July with such amazement for the products which I will be featuring today! Yay!

I have always been a collector of perfumes, even colognes. I always wanted to smell fresh, 'yung tipong walang magsasabing ang baho ko o amoy-pawis ako lol. C'mon I am a blogger! I actually don't mind the brand as long as I love the scent. Plus, fragrances are good gift ideas, much more if they are customized! Introducing Chemiscents Personalized Perfume Bottles!

Chemiscents Personalized Perfume Bottles, 50ml
Price: P250/ea
Bought from: Chemiscents

Each bottle retails for only P250 inclusive of photo and names (at the bottom). I told the seller to include our names in the bottles. Maybe she forgot and it made me a bit frustrated still, I liked it overall. The scent which I picked for myself is the Incanto Shine while for my boyfriend, I chose Bvlgari Extreme. They claimed to sell EDP (Eau De Parfum) Fragrances with high-end perfume labels but I really doubt it. They are more like EDT (Eau De Toilette) versions or probably imitations since the fragrances seem to be neither too strong (less concentrated) nor THAT long-lasting considering the names. Also, it is so affordable.

I planned to give it to him before he flew back to Spain last Friday but I wasn't able to hand it for some reason. Nonetheless, it could wait til his birthday! Yay! Hahah! I also commend the seller for the fast and smooth transaction--I thought the customizing part will take days to finish but it did not! Still looking correlated to the idea of chemistry and scents! Love love!

Ugh, the perfumes look quite adorable. My friend said that it looks narcissistic to order items with your face on it, but who cares! Ha! :P

If you are looking for perfect gift ideas that is for everyone, this might be what you are looking for! 'Til my next post! Happy blogging!

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