Sunday, June 12, 2016

May Ebay Haul

I guess by now you've already figured out my favorite online shopping site which is Ebay? I even previously shared tips on how to shop at it to make your first-time (or even your nth time) more interesting and fun! Right now, I am super duper ecstatic to show you what I got from Ebay for the last month, May, because I hoard a lot and I spent, well, not so much. I just had to use my bargaining and researching skills again to make sure that I did get the best deals! Haha! Just feel free to tell me I was wrong once you saw my purchases and their prices! Actually, nothing retails above a hundred bucks. I'll just try to post the exact/estimated price since the Ebay won't show the older purchases so I lack reference.

Mushroom Brush (P50-P80)
Double Eyebrow Brush + Eyebrow Comb (P31.50)
Eyebrow Brush (P20-P30)
Angled Brush (P50-P70)
Contour Blush Brush (P50-P70)
Mini Pink Kabuki Brush (P30-P40)

There's no better explanation why I keep on purchasing brushes than saying that I love collecting makeups and tools, thus the creation of this blog.

Vitamin Capsule Face Pill Telescopic Ball Point Pens (P21.72)

I fell in loved with this ball point pens the moment I saw them because they are so cute (and they would be good background props for photography, agree?)

False Eyelashes #1 10 Pairs (P50-P80)
False Eyelashed #2 10 Pairs (P50-P80)
False Eyelashes #3 5 Pairs (P47.50)
Mink Eyelashes (P50-P60)

If you read my previous Ebay Haul (All Under 500: Makeup Brushes and False Eyelashes for Makeup Starters), you'll notice how am I such a sucker for falsies. I never use them like for everyday, but I do love collecting them for occasion purposes (and for some makeup session at home lol.) They are so cheap compared to other online shops so I had to hoard. I swear, their quality's pretty much the same with branded falsies.

Starfish Beach Sea Star Hairpin (P34.15)

I bought this cute hair pin because it was near summer back then and I think it will be a good accessory for the season. That simple.

Butterfly 3D Wall Decal (P30-P40)

I love organizing and decorating stuff so I think these will be for heads-up. They're cute and uber easy to use.

False Eyelashes Extension Applicator (P18.45)
10 PCS Nail Art White French Manicure Stickers Stencil (P33.21)
Mini Brow Class Stencil (P20-P40)

I haven't tried all three of these yet but I bought the eyelash applicator mainly for pasting falsies of course. I also love doing nail arts and the tip guides would help me be more creative on painting my nails. I don't know if the brow stencils fits my brows but yeah, let's see. I am actually planning to include this on my next giveaway since I don't think I will ever be needing this.

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