Thursday, June 2, 2016

Skin Gem Manila Crystal Rejuvenating and Underarm Whitening Set

Crystal Rejuvenating Set
Price: P380

So I'm pretty sure you've had a fair share of a beautiful summer, eh? Now, you've got tan lines and sun-kissed skin that you probably want to get rid of? Well, you've got a backup here though. Skin Gem's Crystal Rejuvenating set will bring back your once light skin with its effective whitening extracts. Added to its benefits is that it can also remove pimple scars, cleanses skin well, exfoliates and removes dark spots with its active rejuvenating ingredients. And who says summer has no extension? The set has its sunblock foundation cream that is loaded with a whooping SPF45, so you will no longer worry about getting your skin toasted under the sun especially now that we've got a bipolar weather. You know, it rains, it shines, all at the same time. But no matter what weather with have, know that you are always protected. :)

Underarm Whitening Set
Price: P400

With its active ingredients of Vitamin E and Glutathione Extract, you will surely get a whiter, softer and more moisturized underarms (claim to be in just two weeks). Now, who says bikinis and sleeveless,the trends of summer's, gonna be lost? Feel free to wear the clothing of your choice wherever and whenever you want because Skin Gem Underarm Whitening Set would definitely reveal your light skin with its gentle formula!

For more information, go check out their Instagram page. 'Til my next post! Happy blogging!

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