Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Top 5 Makeups for Beginners

When you do have a wide stash of makeup, what's gonna be for your MOTD would be the first thing you'll be wondering, but if you have none (yet) and you just felt this sudden makeup 'call' then it's best to have these tips on what products to get your hands on first to make sure you skip some epic makeup experience in your life.

When I started out collecting makeups (just this year), I remember this one scenario when I got too many tints but no foundation. Okay, if I want things to be light, then I'd just go for powders instead but we are talking about the road to professional makeup application here! Well, not that I am of any good in makeup, ladies. I'm not even halfway to achieving pro makeup skills but through reading and watching tutorials about makeup and beauty stuff and being immune to seeing 'well-dressed' faces, I developed a little taste eventually. I just think I learned the hard way before just because I haven't yet figured out what should be in my makeup stash.

I say a lot but it all started when this girl sent me a direct message on Instagram asking me for some advice about makeup essentials for beginners. That's when I saw a shiny light bulb there and then, right on the spot, and I was convinced to share my answer to people like her who are just starting to appreciate the world of maquillage. It was kinda hard for me to come up these five makeup must-haves because I sort of think that every makeup plays a pivotal role in boosting our self-confidence.

Anyway, here are they! Brace yourselves, grab a buddy because this is gonna be an interesting girl talk!

1. BB Cream/Foundation


I guess if you are a newbie to makeup stuff and your are aiming your shot to having pro makeup skills, I suggest you invest in a good bb cream/foundation which gives you a nice medium to full coverage. Choose some variants that let your skin breathe and that the shade is as close as your natural skin tone. I highly recommend Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream for a start!

2. Concealer

If you want your makeup to look more natural, you can really skip off the concealing part (unless you really have some major scars to conceal). Honestly, I don't have any concealer as of the moment. I'm more of a foundation and bb cream girl because I don't know, they almost do the same thing. But if you really want a flawless finish, I highly recommend that you include a dependable concealer as you may never know when you need one!

3. Mascara

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Mascara adds instant volume to your lashes and gives an illusion of added width. It makes the windows to your soul more inviting to look at and glamorous! For beginners, you can try out Maybelline Hypercurl Mascara. They retail at no more than 200 bucks--price that won't surely break the bank!

4. Lip and Cheek Tint


Tight on budget? Fret not. You only need some multi-functional piece in your makeup stash like lip and cheek tint! It's a lip and cheek product in one price and packaging! I'm not usually a blush type person and I do not use it for every day use so a lip and a cheek tint comes very handy!

5. Eyebrow Palette


Eyebrows frame our face so it's just better if you highlight these areas too. For me, having a well-shaped eyebrows is probably the hardest thing to do. It takes me an hour just by shaping it yet, I still ended up not satisfied. It sometimes ended up looking unnaturally edgy, darker than my hair color, etc. So, if you have lightly colored hair, opt for light shades of eyebrow makeups too and if you have virgin/uncolored/black hair, opt for medium to dark ones, whatever looks more appropriate so it won't kinda look weird. Haha!

So...there you have it--My Top 5 Makeups for Beginners. Don't forget to subscribe! 'Til my next post!

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