Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Bare Skin Pure White and Glow Soap Review

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Bare Skin Pure White and Glow Soap 160g
Bought from: Free | Original Price: P120/bar
From: Bare Skin

Constant change in body soaps is inevitable for beauty bloggers like me. Every so often, I had to change bars because I needed something to review on. Last May, Ma'am Rowena of Bare Skin sent me the same three bars of her Pure White and Glow Soaps for me road test. I know I have to use all three for a more credible review and now that I already do, here's a review on Bare Skin Pure White and Glow Soap! By the way, there was only one bar left before I figured out I haven't had a decent picture of them three so yeah, here's the last bar for you.

As you can see, the product has this pretty gradient color (orange to white) which very much reminds me of sunset (idk whyXD). Such a cute little thing to look at, indeed. It also has this embossed Bare Skin label on the center of the soap. For the overwhelming 160g bar, your P120 is super worth it. I was really amazed the first time I took hold of it because the soap is really big.

I like that this bar smells a combination of citrus and sweet scents and lathers richly and that all components bind together strongly that it does not melt easily compared to other whitening soaps that I have tried before. Still, it would be best to keep it away from wet areas like shower and keep the soap dish dry to prolong its life. Like what I usually do, I cut the bar in quarters because that way, you get to only use a small portion of it and the rest would still look fresh as it is new. Thanks to all soap junkies out there, I picked something this relevant that it becomes one of my life's greatest hacks! Yay!

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Claims: It has a blend of kojic, placenta, and glutathione that has an extra strength whitening effect and will surely give your skin a pure white and glowing complexion.

Contents/Ingredients: Virgin Coconut Oil, Vegetable Glycerine, Aqua, Kojic Acid Dipalamate, L-Glutathione, Placentol, Papain, Fragrance.

 Whoa. It got all four powerful whitening ingredients in one soap. Nonetheless, the concentration could be the question. Read more if this soap is really effective on me!

This soap is indeed effective on me. Using three bars make my skin softer, smoother, healthier, and more glowing without over-drying it. It really works! But take note that you really have to use a product religiously for you to notice significant effects. I have consumed all three bars which I shared with my mom for a month and I can say that there were minor scars on my skin that were once obvious but now has turned barely-there in appearance! This product rocks! Yay!

Unfortunately, as I tried it on my skin, it reacts badly through breaking out, probably because of the sudden change in skin care. So I had to discontinue. On a lighter note, it feels really good on my body. So I do advise that if you have sensitive skin, try to do some testing. If you want to incorporate it in your skin care, use this at least once every other day. If it's doing fine, try to level up by using it once to twice a day. When that still fails, avoid using anything for a week then use this on succeeding days. If no breakouts were experienced, you're lucky! If there is, then it's time for you to discontinue because sometimes you really can't rely on first impressions. You have to give products more chances because if it fails, there might be a lot of factors why it did.

Using it for weeks, I could say that this product is really promising and I recommend it for everyone's use. Also, I do advise you, guys, to refrain from staying too long under the sun and wear a lot of sunscreen to prevent skin darkening and premature ageing as whitening soaps can increase skin's sun sensitivity. Til my next post! Happy blogging!


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