Monday, July 11, 2016

Etude House Mini Haul + Dear Darling Lip Tint in #02 & Dear Girls Lip Balm in #02 Review

Etude House Dear Darling Tint, P248 at 20% off
Etude House Dear Girls Lip Balm, P278 at 20% off
Bought from: Etude House, SM Manila

I once came across a blog post before saying that this Dear Darling Lip Tint retailed at no more than P200. Well, the price hike is quite noticeable because nowadays, you can avail this tint for over P200. So as the lip balm. So when Etude House announced on their social media that they were going to have a huge sale last July 1-3, 2016 (June 30 was the start at some branches) which they rarely do, I literally jump out of nowhere to get to the nearest boutique. In my case, SM Manila is. Intentionally, I was about to hoard their sheet masks but to no avail. They said the were going to have an all-item sale and I figured out that maybe mask sheets have been sold out earlier that day or they kept them on a warehouse so their meager price won't drop anymore due to sale. I don't know which one should I believe but I was so frustrated back then. Until I came across the center shelves with all their lip products on-hand. I suddenly exclaimed to my self, "Why not take time to take care of my lips from now on? I ran out of lip balm anyway."

I was not financially prepared for this sale so I only was able to grab two lip products when I should have bought the lip scrub as well. Unfortunately, it was P400 something and I only have P300 something left on my pocket. Mission aborted.

Etude House Dear Darling Tint

The product comes in a cute, pink and very princess-y looking kind of packaging with a typical doe-foot applicator which lip tints, lip glosses and liquid lipsticks have. Very posh and girly. Kaya naman prefer ng mga kikays like me. It also has a sweet strawberry-ish scent which I really love!

It also has this bar code with the expiration date and shade number. There are four shades available (01 Berry Red, 02 Real Red, 03 Orange Red, 04 Vampire Red) but on sale, I just saw the #01 and #02. This is the shade #02. I got this instead of the #01 because the latter has a pinkish tint while this one is more of a true red in pigment and has strong peach undertone.

Swatches taken below are under natural lighting. As you can see, this tint has a very pigmented color and leaves a natural coral stain on the lips. It stays one for a good two hours with minimal drinking and eating. Not bad for a super affordable tint, yes? It feels slightly sticky on first minutes of drying but sets matte after a few more minutes. I like the packaging, the scent, the color payoff and everything but not the fact that it is drying on the lips. Well, most tints are that is why I had myself buy me lip balm that goes well with this.

Etude House Dear Girls Lip Balm

This product comes in a small tin jar with 10ml of product inside. Tin jars meant constant finger dipping which might be a major turn-off for OC people like me. Again, the best way to deal with it is to wash your hands first before dipping your fingers to avoid bacteria contamination and keep these kinds of products all by yourself and avoid lending cosmetics that involves physical contact. You might appear madamot but at least you care for hygiene, right?

This product is in the shade #2 and I don't know if it has other variants aside from the one in a white tin jar (if I am not mistaken). This is actually the last one left on the shelves--all her sisters are sold out so I was really lucky to still get my hands on it with a 20% discount.

The balm is in a peach shade and has a combination of sweet and citrus-y scent which I really love. It also tastes like nothing so you won't have a problem with licking your lips while with it. It also has a thick consistency that leaves a glossy finish but wears comfortably on the lips. It's there but you won't feel like you are smothered with greasy, heavy and sticky balms.

I have never been a fan of glossy and thick balms but this one is an exception. I have super dry and chappy lips but with this, my lips felt like it never has been this moisturized before. Lots of thumbs up for this! Best lip balm so far. I apply it every now and then and I love it!

What are the products included in your recent haul? Sale's everywhere so grab stocks while you can! I am keeping an eye on Skin Genie's 50% off products on Instagram. Yay! I'm coming. You too?

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