Sunday, July 17, 2016

First Impression: Skin Bounty + Products

Oaty-Refic Soap
Dirt Out Detox Mask
Milk Scrub

I was so happy that once again, another IG brand that promotes organic products collaborated with me. They sent me three products to review which I am going to talk about today for some first impression post. But before anything else, let me introduce to you Skin Bounty--a Davao-based IG shop which sells clay masks (yay!), body scrubs, beauty oils and wax. To be honest, I love all the products that she sent me--Oaty-Refic Soap, Dirt Out Detox Mask, and Milk Scrub.

Oaty-Refic Soap, 135-150grams

This soap has a mild sweet-smelling scent, kinda similar to Go Bare's Oat Milk Porridge Soap. It also looks creamy with honey (makes skin glow with its superb uses) and oats (as mild exfoliants) as its main ingredients. It claims to help tame skin inflammation and itching and is comedogenic, raw and unscented (But why do I smell something sweet? Weird.)  Talk about organic yay! Let's see if this has a similar formula in terms of its 'sudsiness', texture and effects. I also love the embossed brand name on the body. I really have high hopes for this because this soap is included in their bestseller. So yeah, time for some road test!

Dirt Out Detox Mask, P135/30grams

It would be my first time to try a face mask that I will have to dilute first with water to make a paste then apply it on my face. Let me just tell you how excited I am to use this! Very promising indeed! This product claims to be made with main two all natural ingredients--French Green Clay which draws out toxins, improves blood circulation, and proote skin healing and Activated Charcoal which is known to deeply cleanse and detoxify skin, helps unclog pores, pulls unwanted excess oils, treats acne and aids inflammation. Wee, I feel like this product will befriend my acne-prone skin!

Milk Scrub (with heavenly vanilla scent), P95/100grams

I've got tons of milk scrubs in my stash and it's kinda hard to figure out how they differ to each other in terms of effects because I barely see none. They differ on the fineness (some are abrasive, others have finer granules), scent and texture but other than that, NADA. They all make my skin soft and smooth after first wash unless maybe if I could only use one for such a long period of time. I tried using this scrub last night and I can say that it totally smells creamy nice and helps my skin get rid of dead skin cells. Love love!

I'll be posting reviews soon after I road-test each for a good duration. For now, this will be my first impression about Skin Bounty's products! I just love organic shops like Skin Bounty and I'll forever be a die-hard supporter.

Til my next post! Happy blogging!

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