Saturday, July 9, 2016

Get your note cards personalized only by Notera PH!

For people who loves to write random things aside from quality contents, having creatively designed customized stationeries with personalized touch would be a great start for some mini thought dissemination. Good thing,  Notera PH produces personalized gift/note cards and note pads with your name printed somewhere on the card in artful fonts so you can easily send your notes to whoever you want and they would instantly know it is from you. Isn't that sweet? Reliving letter writing in a more modern way, it is.

Notera is a local online retailer of printed custom stationeries. This business is operated by Joanne - Creative Director, studied in Raffles Design Institute, Singapore. She started Notera to share her love and passion in doing design. She also makes sure to keep the designs updated with the latest trends (collections are updated on a monthly basis). Notera’s mission is to always provide their clients with the best high-quality designs yet keeping it very affordable. They also ensure to have a commercial license to produce design elements that we purchase from other designers.

Last June they decided to send 24 gift cards in three different layouts. I had the opportunity to decide which ones to have so here are the three card designs that I personally picked from their June collection with the theme, Back to school. Yes, if you are wondering, they are releasing new designs every month--it's like choosing the flavor of the week. However, you are free to choose from the previous collection too if you will.

Take a look to the designs which I got from Notera PH.

Here are some of the other designs from their latest July collection.

I know you find them cute. I do too! Check out the following Notera PH accounts for more available personalized layout that would perfectly suit your preference!

IG: @notera_ph
MOBILE: +63927 2551944

Pricelist for notecards:


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