Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Limited Edition Myra-E Triple Beauty Hand and Body Lotion Review

Limited Edition Myra-E Triple Beauty Hand and Body Lotion
Bought for: P165 P82.50 (sale at 20% off)
Bought from: Department Store, SM Manila

A few weeks ago, while my boyfriend and I were wandering on the beauty section of a department store (of course I was the one who dragged him there), I spotted some Myra-E products on one section in the shelves and they were all slashed with a 50% off discount. I had a hard time which lotion to get until my eyes caught a limited edition variant. I knew I want it but I just can't get myself to buy it because I had a lot more important stuff in my mind to buy back then even if it is so affordable. I can't get my eyes off of it because I was afraid it will not take too long and it will get soldout. I don't know if my boyfriend saw it in my eyes because he purchased it for me. So thank you so much!  He even pretended it will be for him. Ugh,  if I know. 

It retails for P80 something instead of P165. Hihi! Super mura na siya as in for a 150 ml tube of lotion. I like the packaging--it's cute and very informative. And since it's in a tube, the product can slide out easily for use. It also has a very fruity scent to it. I won't wonder why because according to it, it has 6 SUPER FRUITS (Acai, Black Berry, Black Currant, Mangosteen, Noni and Pomegranate) for healthy, bright, soft, smooth and young-looking skin. It also claims to promote collagen production and whiter skin and reduce fine lines in just one week. It is also hypoallergenic.

Well, I haven't use any lotion before that fulfills the promise of whiter skin in just one week so reading those made me a bit skeptical about it. However, the promise of 6 Super Fruits are too good to ignore. Yay! I hope you can read what are on the photos below. Sorry for the low quality photos.

And check out the ingredient list if you want or very particular about it. Yeah, paraben spotted. Uh-oh.

At first, I plan on using this as my hand cream because of how moisturizing it is and I have very dry palms. But then, I ran out of my current lotion and decided to give this a shot. After I finished my Gluta-C lotion, I immediately switched to i, applying this every morning and every night after bathing.

As you can see on the photo above, this lotion has a white creamy consistency--neither too thick nor too runny, just enough to moisturize parched pelts for a long period of time. It also dries easily and does not leave a super sticky feeling after application, just a healthy sheen which I am loving. After using it for a week, there is not much difference on my skin tone. I'm not hurt because I did not expect so much from an uber affordable product like this. But who knows? Maybe with continued use, it may reveal a whiter skin underneath! Just don't lose hope!

Overall, I love this lotion. It is so affordable, works well in moisturizing the skin, so practical to buy, have pleasant smell and is in great packaging, I definitely would repurchase provided that it will still be available til then. I highly recommend it to everyone whether you have dry, sensitive or oily skin!

Til my next blog post! Happy blogging!

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