Friday, July 8, 2016

Product Empties from May-June 2016

Here are  all of the products that I emptied previously, specifically accumulated on the month of May to June. I am supposed to post these next month (on my blog calendar), but I prefer if they don't pile up much so I can throw away the bottles, tubs, jars, etc immediately to free space. I will also be including just tiny reviews of the products below and places where I bought them. As much as I would like to include the exact price list, I just can't because they already faded in my memory as of the moment. Hahah I sometimes suffer Dory's short term memory loss. Anyway, just search the item on the search box and hopefully the review that I made comes out so you can check out the price there.

Garnier Light Complete Multi-Action Whitening Serum Cream (Watsons)
Olay Day Cream (Watsons)
iWhite Korea Nose Pack (P20? | Watsons)
Belo Kojic Acid + Tranexamix + Lemon Scrubs (P59 | Zalora)

Since I love trying out drugstore creams (the only ones that are sold in sachets/trial packs), I purchased a lot on my previous haul to try everything even though I already tried them on my grade and high school years. Yes, I was already that particular and avid user of skin care products back in grade school.  But If I am to choose between, Garnier and Olay, Olay wins. What about Olay and Pond's? Still Olay. That second sachet on the photo above has been a holy grail for me since when I was twelve up to the last days of my high school year.

I am not a blackhead type of person--I mean I do not get blackheads a lot so I'm kinda thankful for that. How I wish I never get pimples too. Huhu. Anyway, the nose pack is just really intended for trial and review purposes but I got slothful and decided to just ditch my draft on it (IDK why). The Belo Soap is a nice soap as it gently cleansed my skin while exfoliating it with the lemon scrubs.

Liquoriced Coffe Whitening Scrub (Leiania House of Beauty)
Hortaleza Professional Hair Spa Treatment (HBC)

One of the things that I enjoyed doing a lot is having to pamper myself even in the comfort of our home--having pedicure, manicure and even hair treatment and body scrubbing. Good thing, Ms. Favia of Leiania House of Beauty sent me this scrub which I love mixing with VCO and honey to moisturize, exfoliate, cleanse and soothe my tired skin.

On the other hand, the Hortaleza Professional Hair Spa is a good at-home pampering companion because it is so cheap and so effective. What more is that you really can save a lot because you skip payment for salon service yet you get the exact outcome of hair treatment without splurging so much.

Underarm Brightening Cream
Cell Renewal Cream
Skin Brightening Cream
Underarm Brightener Anti-perspirant
Lip and Cheek Therapy Creme in Vamp

All from: Sooperbeaute

One of the shops that originates in Instagram is the Sooper Beaute. It is a cruelty-free skin care and makeup brand which caters to Asian skin needs. That was why when they had 70% off on all their products, I really had to hoard and these are just some that I used and now has been emptied. I like most of their products actually because they never irritate my skin.

The Underarm Brightening Cream moisturizes pits and prevents it from further skin darkening. However, with continuous use, there as no significant results noticed. The Cell Renewal and the Skin Brightening works as duo. The Cell Renewal Cream, as suggested by the seller is best use at night because it allows the skin to peel and get rid of the troubled layer. The Skin Brightening on the other hand is a day cream though with no SPF on it. As in NADA so you better take some sunscreen with you.

I like the Underarm Brightener Anti-perspirant of theirs--easy to use, dries fast, keeps skin soft and smooth and odor-free for the whole day! And the most favorite is the Lip and Cheek Therapy Creme in Vamp. It is both my and my friends favorite because the color payoff, its consistency and longevity is a winner. By the way, Sooper Beaute conducts sale every now and then so stay tuned!

Tomato Serum (Daricharm)
Pores in Order Balancing Toner (Bask Beauty PH)

Another products from IG shops that I know. The Tomato Serum is sponsored by Daricharm. The serum smells really good and it also feels moisturzing on the skin. It stings a bit on newly-exfoliated skin although not something that isn't tolerable. It also makes skin look glowing and radiant so love love! The Pores in Order Balancing Toner, however, was from Bask Beauty PH. I love how hydrating and moisturizing it feels on the skin. It has a barely-there scent too and a very simple packaging. It has nothing even frills on it because it was just a newly-produced product.

Maxipeel Solution in #1 (HBC)
Maxipeel Sunblock SPF25 (HBC)
Covergirl Mascara (Ebay)
Carmex Moisturizing Lip Balm (Beautymnl)

These are some common drugstore products. The Maxipeel Solution in #1 does not really delivers unlike the solution in #2 and #3 which temporarily makes my skin lighter, clearer and brighter. The counterpart sunblock cream is what I use together with he solution to protect my sensitive skin because of the exfoliant. I love the results but I'm currently not in the mood for another painful chemical peel. I need something that delivers the same results without pain and I'm off to hunt. I really don't like the Covergirl Mascara because it did not come in the blackest black--more like grayish black in shade which I do not really prefer. The Carmex Lip Balm is the bomb. It smells good (minty), it is very moisturizing and effective in reducing lip dryness.

And that's all for my product empties! Do you have yours?

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