Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Skin Care Organic Body Scrubs in Coffee Latte and Strawberry Cream Milk Review

Coffee Latte 300g
Strawberry Cream Milk 300g
Bought for: Free | SRP: P350/ea
From: Skin Care Organic
I think I have said this a lot of times already, that body scrubs are my ultimate favorites just because they really are. A lot of products claim to have an effect as early as first use, but it's just body scrubs which never fail me. They always makes skin smooth and soft even on day one. That is why every time it's mail time, body scrubs on packages excites me big time. 

I was supposed to post this a long time ago already but ended up doing it just right now. I don't know why maybe because I suffered poor time management these past few days. Anyway, what I am going to review right now are body scrubs from Skin Care Organic! Yay!  Thanks so much for the generous load of goodies! I can't thank you enough! ☺

Both comes in a cute plastic bottle with a whooping 300g content so rest assured that every penny you ought to drop is super worth it given amount of scrub inside. In fact, siksik pa nga yung laman as in! And it weighs unbelievably heavy. Both are dry scrubs,  meaning not cream-based but not really hard to blend on wet skin. 

Coffee Latte

Skin Care Organic Coffee Latte claims to... (read the photo down below! :)

Coffee has such a nice relaxing scent to incorporate to products, thanks to whoever thought of taking coffee externally. It has a strong scent of coffee which I love and the scent lingers after a while so as the Strawberry Cream Milk. Thus, it doubles up as scrub and body perfume as well.

This scrub is easy to blend, a little abrasive for face use but still workable on that part since it claims to reduce dark and baggy undereyes. You just have to gently scrub and avoid using too much. This increases circulation on your blood vessels too. Applying it on the body is no problem as it glides on wet skin easily. However, if you have dry skin, try mixing it with a little bit of honey for extra hydration. 

Strawberry Cream Milk

Skin Care Organic Strawberry Cream Milk claims to... 
This scrub has a very nice scent to it--combination of strawberries and creamy milk. I hope there's a perfume smells like this lol. Or even lotions. Super bango niya para sa akin. And it also lingers on skin even after bath. I even got addicted sniffing my skin afterwards. That's how good smelling it is for me. Grabe lang. This is my first time encountering a scrub that has a strong scent and is long-lasting.
Also, this is the only dry scrub that I will be able to use on my face without the dreaded sting. Usually, salt causes pain especially on pimples, but with this one, softening skin and removing dead skin cells has been an effortless thing to do. The scrubs are same with others in terms of abrasiveness so be extra careful and gentle on massaging this on skin.

Overall, I love Skin Care Organic Body Scrubs in Coffee Latte and Strawberry Cream Milk. They are affordable given its amount, effective in removing dry and rough patches on skin. I highly recommend it to anyone unless you are allergic to ingredients mentioned above. If you have sensitive skin,  doing some patch test is highly advisable. If you do not have any more concern, go and try these babies out! They are made from natural and organic ingredients so rest assured you get pure benefits from these!

Til my next post! Happy blogging!

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