Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Skin Care Organic Lip Scrubs in Loco Coco and Rawberry Review

Skin Care Organic Lip Scrubs in Loco Coco and Rawberry, 10g/ea
Bought for: Free | Original Price: P180 for 2

Claims: Rescue those dry, rough and dark lips of yours. Using our Kiss Me Lip Scrub will scrub all the toxins clean, only to reveal softer and healthier lips underneath. Goodbye rough, dry, and dark lips and hello to kissable lips! All organic and natural. No harmful chemicals. Non-paraben. Safe and effective skin care. Proudly Philippine Made.

Active Ingredients: Strawberry Extract, Cold Pressed Coconut Oil, Raw Sugar, Blueberry Extract, Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, Grape Seed Oil.

Directions for use: Apply onto lips, especially arounf tough and dark areas. Leave on for a few minutes and wipe using a cloth, tissue or simply lick it clean. 100% edible!

Our lips, just like our body, needs some serious scrubbing too to get rid of dead skin cells. Scrubbing the lips properly and gently will help improve the appearance of chappy, dry and dark lips eventually. So it's best to invest in lip scrubs that are only made with natural and organic-derived ingredients especially if they are edible and can be taken by the body. Well, I haven't yet encountered lip scrubs that are not a hundred percent edible.

While it's super easy to create your own lip scrub at home with lying-on-the-kitchen ingredients such as sugar and oil, it feels more luxurious to be pampered with readily-made skin care treats that organic shop advocates sell at cheap prices. Skin Care Organic produces their own line of lip scrubs which they sent me recently. It comes in two variants--Loco Coco and Raw Berry.

The product comes in a small plastic jar, transparent enough for you to see how the product looks like inside. I like the sticker layout too and the packaging that's very travel-friendly. It's got 10g of product inside so your P180 for these two lip scrubs is super sulit na (worth it). I imagine that the only difference could be the color (the Loco Coco is sky blue; while the Rawberry is in pale pink). Other than that, formulation and scent are all the same.

The most dominant among the ingredients are the scent of coconut oil, therefore these two smells adorably nutty for me. Just fine. The Raw berry has a faint, barely-there berry scent but it's fine as well.

The formulation is very much different from how I usually formulate my own lip scrub at home, but being a trying hard on chemistry field, I am guilty to admit that SCO Lip Scrubs has a better formulation. HAHA! Of course, they would be. Mine's sticky because of honey and tastes REALLY sweet. But this one has a softer feel on the lips, not irritably abrasive at all with a slightly sweet taste because of the raw sugar.

I like applying this on wet lips, scrubbing away the dead cells (which, by the way, is large in amount because of my super sensitive lips that dries and chaps easily when in contact with strong lipsticks, tint, balms, etc) then patting my lips dry with tissue.

NEVER LICK IT. There's something on our saliva that dries the lips if you happen to notice. So please don't. Just use tissue or cloth to remove un-melted sugar and allow the oil to moisturize your lips. For added moisture, usually I prefer to apply my new fave Etude House Lip Balm on top of my newly-scrubbed lips for a more moisturized layer but I find it not necessary anymore with this lip scrub as it prevents dryness and darkness with continuous use. Yay!

Overall, I like Skin Care Organic Lip in Loco Coco and Rawberry. They are affordable, safe and an effective lip care that treats dark lips which results from constant cosmetic usage. Now I can say hi to smoother, softer and more moisturized kissers all day! Thanks SCO! Happy blogging!

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