Monday, July 4, 2016

OLD VS NEW: Skin Temptations Berry KIss Cream Review

Our love for lip tints has been obvious nowadays that all we need to do is apply some on our lips and then we're good to go. It instantly imparts vibrancy on dull lips without going a little too overboard. It's something that is so convenient to use, inspired by K-Beauty and because we have always been fascinated by their looks, we adopt it in our daily makeup as well. And now, here's a product that has become my go-to tint when I'm off to somewhere--the Skin Temptations Berry Kiss Cream. I have both in the old and the new formulation.

Berry Kiss Cream (Left:Old, Right: New) 10g/ea
Bought for: Free | SRP: P100 only
From: Skin Temptations

Berry Kiss Cream claims to make your lips and cheeks naturally red. You can apply it to your lips and cheeks to make it look rosy. It retails P80 before (for the old formulation). I guess its P20 hike in its retail price is super worth it given that you will get a much pigmented version because it has more fruit pigments for longer lasting wear!

As you can see, both has almost the same amount and size in terms of packaging--so travel-friendly, it can even fit well on pockets without you worrying of its bulkiness for your easy retouch anytime, anywhere. Like most of organic products on Instagram, this one has a cute packaging. Simple, but, well, cute.

Actually, this post is intended to be a comparison review for the old and the new formulation of the Berry Kiss Cream. So here it is!

One vast improvement from the old formulation is the color payoff. The old is bloody red in shade while the new has an orange-y red color. The The new formulation offers at least 10x more vivid color while the old has super sheer color payoff. There's minimal to no difference in terms of scent though (this I'm not sure of since I've been having colds and I can't really rely on my sense of smell). The old formulation has mousse-like texture while the new one has more liquid-y feel to it--it's almost a tint for me, but both offer shine-free finish. Both feels moisturizing too, meaning, I find it non-drying. You can even put it under tints or lipstick to provide a hydrated layer.

The new formulation of Berry Kiss Cream wins in the longevity competition because of its higher level of color payoff. It in fact lasts me up to five hours (for the lips) and whole day (for the cheeks) before I needed some retouch. If you are opting for a more naturally flushed look, you can simply control the amount to use because the new formulation has a really nice pigmentation so a little goes a long way already.

To be honest, I did not know what to do with the old formulation because it was not really pigmented for lips and cheeks use, in fact, it turns to barely-there color when the product is wiped off.  You can refer to my swatches though. you can see that the new formulation leaves a nice tint on the lips even when wiped off. The sheer color fades easily too so it's really a nice thing that Skin Temptations decided to make a change in the formulation and consistency. Berry Kiss Cream in a mousse-like texture has a tendency to look patchy on lips while the new one blends effortlessly. Now I can simply say bye to dullness within a matter of seconds.

The jar is so convenient to use, however, the dipping part is kinda frustrating (for someone who favors hygienic packaging). I wasn't able to think of any packaging suggestion though so I will just have to say to only use the product with nothing but clean hands to avoid bacteria contamination.

Overall, I love the Berry Kiss Cream! It's so affordable, easy to use, creates a natural flush and is made of organic and natural ingredients! Another product from Skin Temptations that's worth recommending to everyone! Love love!

'Til my next post! Happy blogging!

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