Sunday, July 3, 2016

Skin Temptations Velvet Love It Foundation Review

These days, I could not get off our house without my precious foundations. Back then, powders will do until I became a self-proclaimed beauty blogger, that's when foundations became a totem of me. I guess no one who's a blogger and at the same time a makeup enthusiast would leave the house without any makeup on, especially foundation. I bet you have tons in your drawers, do you? Here's something that you might want to add into your growing stash! Introducing Skin Temptations Velvet Love It Foundation!

Velvet Love It Foundation, 30ml
Bought for: Free | SRP: P750
From: Skin Temptations

For mobile users: Velvet Love It Foundation is a weightless whitening cream to powder foundation that provides a velvety finish. It can be used under makeup as a primer. Cream to powder foundation that will create your unique flawless look. It has SPF 45 to protect your skin from harmful sun UV rays.

Directions for use: Apply cream to powder foundation evenly all over the face.

Ingredients: Octyl Methoxycinnamate, Hydrolyzed Collagen, Hydrolyzed Elastin, Niacinamide (Vitamin B3), Dimethicone

The product comes in an airless pump bottle with complete labeling including the directions, ingredients, expiration, etc. Dispensing the product would not be a problem as you can easily control the amount that you only want to use. The layout kinda looks cute too though not really high-end looking for its price in my opinion. The scent is okay too, it's faint, barely-there odor--not at all bothersome for me. You know me, scent is not my strongest suit.

The cream foundation itself has an okay formula in terms of consistency. "Okay" meant  that it is neither runny nor thick in formulation. In fact, it reminds me of mousse foundations but this one is liquid-y. When you try to squeeze some on your fingers, you'll instantly know that it really is weightless/lightweight on skin and it can still breathe. Definitely, no tacky feeling.

On first use, I tried to apply this above Banila Co Prime Primer in Classic Matte. I thought it would look patchy the whole day because of its sort of mousse consistency but after blending it on my skin, that's when I notice how great this product is. You don't have to wait a bit for it to settle on your skin because as soon as you spread it on your face, it dries up immediately, leaving a powdery finish.

It imparts a radiant glow and brightening effect even on first use too! It feels velvety soft and smooth as well--really true to its word! However, I would say that the coverage is light, I even had it tested for you (Scroll down below). I just keep on convincing myself that it is a cream foundation intended to be a part of your skincare more than makeup and is better in the work of primer than of foundation. Nonetheless, I still love the natural look it gives! Your skin will still feel like your own but better.

Swatches under the same lighting

I think the shade is really perfect for whatever skin tone you have. I underestimated its ability to blend well on my skin tone because I find the shade a tad lighter than my natural skin tone but when blended, it turns almost the same color as my own! Amazeballs, isn't it? It also has a neutral undertone but just like what I have said, it easily blends on whatever skin tone you have.

Pak ang brightening effect diba, kabog ba o hindi!? XD Sorry for the scars and blemishes and everything. :( Anyway, all swatches are taken under same lighting.

What makes it stand out in your stash of foundation is its being a product of an all-natural and organic advocate like Ms. Joyce. I am also using it together with their CC Cream--which is supposed to be another new product of Skin Temptations. Unfortunately, they encountered a problem regarding the production of raw materials. Seriously, I was saddened by this news because I was starting to love the formulation of their CC Cream (sobrang pak talaga nun!)

To date, no breakouts, no adverse reactions, whatsoever. I highly recommend this Velvet Love It Foundation whether you have dry, sensitive or oily skin. In fact, this foundation is best for oily skinned gals like me because the product turns to powdery matte (once settled) that's velvety to the touch. Also, it has a whooping SPF45 so you stay protected even under the sun!

What I like:

-It brightens the face and gives a radiant glow instantly.
-No adverse reaction (still you might want to consider doing patch test prior to using this)
-It turns to powdery and velvety matte which suits my skin.
-One shade fits all.
-It makes skin smooth and soft.
-It has a SPF45 which shields the skin from harmful UV rays.
-It is cruelty-free/deprived of any harmful chemicals.
-No tacky/heavy feeling after you blend it.
-It evens out skin tone though does not really reduce the appearance of redness, marks/scars and blemishes vastly.
-You don't want to wait for so long for it to settle because the moment you spread it, you get the natural coverage you never thought you'll get.

What I don't like:

-It has a light coverage and works better as cream and primer than foundation.
-The product is kinda pricey so even when I decide to repurchase, I might not be able to because I have to consider my student budget.
-It has a light coverage and works better as cream and primer than foundation.

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