Wednesday, August 31, 2016

August Product Empties

Here are the products that I emptied this August. Okay, I regret that I let them pile up. Now, I would have to give short reviews for each. Anyway, let's start from left to right!

1. Limited Edition Myra Triple Beauty Hand and Body Lotion, P160+, 100ml

I really love this lotion. It smells fruity, and is rich in vitamins because of the 6 super fruits. After application, my skin feels and looks healthy, radiant, soft and smooth! You can read my review here.

2. Skin Bounty Milk Scrub, P100, 100g

This scrub smells heavenly. like milk and vanilla combination. This is the only dry scrub that I have tried that is not abrasive for face use. It makes skin feels soft and smooth afterwards too. You can read my review here.

3. Eco Skin Love Miracle Cream, P280, 50G

This cream, although has an almost paste-thick consistency, is unbelievably feels comfortable for daily wear. This does not break me out too and a little goes a long way. You can read my review here.

4. Snail Ultra Hydrating Essence Mask, P17

I am not really a fan of sheet masks because I find them hassle to do especially if I am after the Korean 10-step skin care routine, and they feel itchy on skin as well. However, i would not recommend this mask sheets to those with oily skin because it adds up to its oiliness. Review will be posted soon.

5. Ever Bilena BB Cream in Oriental, P200+, 30ml

So far, this BB Cream is one of the worst BB Cream that I have tried next to Etude House. It does not wear comfortably and does not control oil buildup. Plus, the ingredients are not that friendly.

6. Sooper Beaute Creme Lip and Cheek Tint in Vamp, P180

This tint actually became my friends' favorite because of the nice-looking long-wearing color payoff. However, it makes lips feel dry so lipbalm is a .must.

7. Soul Skin PH Spot Me Clear Toner, P320 (with cream)

This toner/cleanser deeply cleanse my skin without over-drying it. What I love most about it is how it makes my face a good canvass for applying makeup because it gently removes excess oil and dirt on skin. You can refer to my review here.

8. Daricharm Tomato Serum (red bottle), P145, 15ml

This serum is just okay for me. It does not do wonders like what I expect Tomato serums would do.It actually stings when used but subsides after a few minutes. I already finished the bottle after 2 weeks so I barely see any difference. You can read my review here.

9. Gluta-C with Kojic Plus+ Face and Body Lotion SPF 30, P219.75, 100ml

I like how moisturizing this lotion can be, however, it feels thick and sticky on skin due to its SPF content. With continuous use, you will really notice how your skin brightened up a bit. Review can be read here.

10. Gluta-C with Kojic Plus+ Face and Body Powder, P74.75, 40g

This is the best face powder I have tried. The pigments are finely-milled and it also keeps my skin matte for a good 4 hours without retouch. I love it and I'll repurchase! You can refer to my full review here.

11. Bioessence Acnetrol AB Liquid, P300+, 30ml

This actually belongs to the best skin care intended for acne-solving problems and it is from the Bioessence Acnetrol Set. It heals zits fast and helps fade acne and pimple marks on the face. I love it so much. For the full review, kindly click here

12. Bioessence Acnetrol Toner with Salicylic Acid, P300+, 150ml

This toner effectively removes excess oil and dirt on the face while keeping oil at bay. I love how I never got even a single pimple/acne in the whole duration of using the Acnetrol Set, If someone generous volunteers to buy me this, I'll forever be grateful to you! :'D You can read my review here

So yeah, that's all for product empties this August! See you til the next! Happy blogging!

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

August Favorites

I don't know if it is my first time posting a month's favorites, still, let's get it on! I will also be adding mini reviews for each. Okay, let's get started! By the way, orders does not mean it's the most nor the least favorite.

1. Innisfree No-Sebum Mineral Powder, P260, 5g

This powder has very fine pigments. It is also effective in keeping oil at bay for a good four hours with commute. It smells minty too and provides a cooling effect on the skin, thus, feels so refreshing. A little would go a long way already so a few dubs will already make a difference. You can read the full review here.

2. Maybelline Superstay Better Skin Skin Tranforming Foundation, P480, 30g

This is my love, my total favorite from all the drugstore foundations that I have tried. It suits oily skin like me, dries to a matte finish (but not flat matte), stays in place even after a whole day of perspiring activities plus humid weather. I have the shade in Classic Ivory. Full review soon.

3. Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream with SPF42 in No. 23, P560, 50ml

I love this BB Cream so much! I first had the shade in No. 21 but I find it too light for my skin so I bought the No. 23 and it was my perfect shade! I like how long-lasting it is without feeling uncomfortable on skin. This is the only BB Cream that does not melt even during hot season. You stay protected with its whooping SPF 42 as well. You can read the full review here.

4. Kate Tokyo Cover Powder, P900+

This is, by far, the best press powder for me. Yes, it is kinda pricey but oh my goodness. You get all your money's worth. This has fine pigments which easily sets on skin. It feels lightweight too (thin film) with good coverage. It actually makes your skin feels like your skin but better. Full review will be posted soon.

5. Saemmul Real Tint in Red, P190, 9.6ml

Best lip tint so far. It smells so nice like strawberries and gives a fine tint on the lips that is long-wearing and non-drying. Compared to other lip tints I have, this one is a champion.

I got the Innisfree No-Sebum Mineral Powder, Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream with SPF42 and Saemmul Real Tint on Althea for a much lower price, by the way. So that's that! Good day, everyone! Happy blogging!

Monday, August 29, 2016

Maybelline Dream Satin Skin Liquid Foundation with SPF 24 PA++ Review

Maybelline Dream Satin Skin Liquid Foundation With  SPF 24 PA++ 30ml
Bought for: P250 (on sale at 50% off)
Bought from: Beautymnl

I hate how we are currently struggling with critic papers, documentary, crisis drills, thesis, reports, assignments and everything all at the same time. But in all honesty, I crave for some quiet moment and escape. I hate to be sentimental too, but I find blogging my comfort zone and this is what I need right now. To cut my drama short, here's a review for a long stored product that has been on my shelf for months now and this is no other than Maybelline Dream Satin Skin Liquid Foundation with  SPF 24 PA++. Seriously, I can't even remember the time I had this draft on hold. Hahah! I know there is a lot of reviews available and this is no different, still. The one I have here is the shade B4, by the way. I am still having a hard time choosing foundation shades which best suit my skin tone so I am relying most on sales ladies at the counter and this is what they gave me. Don't get me wrong, okay? Before I purchased mine online, I went to Maybelline counter at SM Manila Department Store (such a haven!) to ask for my shade and yeah, they got my shade! Yey! Isn't it amazing for brands to consider your shade? Hanna, as if.

The packaging looks pretty decent for me. Well, we're so used to foundations on glass bottles, right? Even if it's not really travel-friendly, I would still like it because you can easily see the shade from the transparent bottle. The cover seems tight, you won't have any trouble misplacing them or worry as it may set apart because it just fits well to the crater of the body. The plastic pump, on the other hand, feels a bit loose when dispensing a product as it slips and turns (and sometimes a little hard to function) but it's not something I would actually mind though. Maybe the one sent to me by Beautymnl has some issues in terms of packaging, or it loosen up because of improper delivery handling or it's just the way it is. Just like what I have said, I won't turn it against Maybelline.

Claim: Air-whipped liquid foundation. Our unique air-soft formula provides poreless, satin-smooth looking skin. Extraordinary coverage that does now clog pores. Long-lasting and moisturizing all day.

Let us see if it is true to its claim. Okay, I always thought I had yellow undertones but most suggestive are the ones with slightly beige to neutral undertones. I am confused so I can't really comment much on how this foundation blends seamlessly with my skin tone. However, I do not find it awkward, lighter or darker for my skin, in fact, it looks like my skin with that slightly pink to beige undertone.

According to Maybelline, this is a liquid mousse foundation, meaning it gives a light air-whipped feels on skin. In all fairness, I can confirm that it offers a pretty decent coverage, at least medium as I can still see my reddish zits peeking through while using this. In all fairness, even skin tone will be achieved. Given my oily skin, I hate to say that it does not control oil, does not mattify skin, has dewy finish, in short, I don't really like the finish, not unless I would layer some powder foundation on to alleviate shine. On a lighter note, those with dry to natural skin type could feast on it as it really does its job to moisturize the skin. That being said, this foundation would surely cover dryness or flakiness and never would emphasize them, This foundation holds up incredibly longer that what I have imagined with my P250 and most commonly on times when I do not perspire much.

I would suggest you do not layer it under heavy moisturizers as it would look patchy and would develop white cast. But when applied alone, no problem. I also find that this applies well on me using sponges rather than fingers or brushes to allow it to be blended seamlessly. Here are photos taken under natural and with flash lightings.

To sum things up, I am currently both in love and in hate relationship with this.I like this foundation in terms of coverage but not in texture. I like the glass bottle but not much of the pump. And most especially, it is so affordable! No one would not really like it. I suggest you wait til the next sale to avail 50% off the original price!

Have you tried this girls? Have you? Not yet? Let me know! Til my next post! Happy blogging!

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Hair Fairy Dry Shampoo from Bargain Studio Review

Hair Fairy Dry Shampoo
Bought for: Free | Original price: P200

I have been wanting dry shampoos ever since. This is because I have naturally straight hair which easily turns oily and limp after a few hours especially during hot season when I perspire the most. However, their prices are a bit high so I would have to resort to affordable shampoos to clean my hair, thus, logically speaking, I have to let the moisture go. To compensate, I would have to apply hair serums, not creams because they would just make it worst. I actually thought I was lucky enough to have straight hair but those with wavy and curly manes do not know that the knot which comes with it is as worse as having coarse and tangled hair. Anyway, I was really happy when Bargain Studio PH sent me the Hair Fairy Dry Shampoo, what we will be going to talk about right now.

So the product comes in an airless pump bottle. Actually, the pump is kinda hard to press at first uses but it would immediately loosen up with continuous use. And oh, by the way, I'm pretty sure the layout gets your attention! And it is in pink! I am not so much a fan of pink stuff but it really got into me. The visuals are artistically created to attract attention. I don't know, I just find them so cute and I plan to keep it even after it is emptied. Hoho!

Aside from the artistic layout, it is also complete with labels like direction for use, ingredients, caution, description and manufacturing and expiry dates. Very helpful, indeed.

Claims: Low on volume? Short on time? Meet the next big thing! A quick blast of Hair Fairy Dry Shampoo revitalizes dull and lifeless hair without the need for water. Just a quick spray will transform your hair between washes into a clean, fresh-smelling style that is full of body and bounce in an instant.

See? It is just so easy to apply. You just have to spritz some on hair, massage and style! Hence, this product is really recommended not only to those with easily-turning-oily hair (like me), but to those who are in a hurry too! In my case, I do not just use it to alleviate hair oiliness but to add volume as well and mind you, it works! And uhm, did I mention the scent? Well, it smells like...I can't really explain...but it is very similar to Pantene shampoos? I can't really describe and remember but I loveeeee it! "Hindi ka naman naligo pero mabango buhok mo" feels lang ang peg!

So yeah, all in all, I like it! And yes, it helps absorbs excess oil but not totally remove it. I guess my hair is as oily as my face or even more. But I like it more on the voluming part though. So what else? Yes, this smells super nice as in that is why it can remove odour! It cleanses the hair without stripping off its natural moisture which is mainly caused by daily shampooing. It does not cause hair fall nor dandruff problems too so yeah, I would still recommend it. For only P200, you can't go wrong with this!

Til my next post! Happy blogging!

Belle Kris Four Seasons Collection Lotions Review

Belle Kris Belle Kris Four Seasons Collection Lotions
Variants: Blissful Autumn, Moonlight Winter, Sweet Summer, Youthful Spring
Bought for: Free | Price: to be updated
From: Belle Kris

Hi guys! Allow me to make up for my lazy days by writing another product review hihi! Now, I am going to talk about Belle Kris Four Seasons Collection Lotions! Yay!

If you are a reader of this blog, you would know that I am a self-proclaimed lotion junkie. I can't exactly pinpoint what's in them, but they are just something I can fall in love with every day and at the same time. That is why when Belle Kris sent me all four of their lotions, I got so ecstatic. Imagine receiving gifts that you are really fond of? That was what became of me. Crazily ecstatic.

Now, one thing I find special about these lotions are their fragrances which are made with Parfum from Barcelona, Spain. The only lotions that I used that is really strong (but in an awesome way) in terms of its scent were the Musk by Alyssa Ashley and the one I received from Ms. Favia of Leiania House of Beauty. Other than that, I would classify most of the products that I used as only mildly-scented. Now something has added up.

I would say that the packaging looks like typical lotion bottles with a cover that shuts tight with a click. No worries. Their sizes feels like bite-sized lotion bottles which you can easily carry around and is good for traveling. It is also complete with details and ingredients, manufacturing and expiry dates which I can hardly capture with my cam because of the color and font size. Anyway, the only difference are their colors and scents.

Claims: Made in the Philippines. Belle Kris 4 Season Collection is a moisturizing parfum lotion that is clinically proven to keep your skin moist, radiant and fragrant. Our team of specialists formulated a non-sticky lotion that is easily absorb by the skin that leaves your skin beautifully smooth and soft throughout the day. All fragrances are imported from Barcelona, Spain.

Ingredients (same all four): Aqua, Glycerin, Mineral Oil, Dimethicone, Cetearyl Alcohol, Ceteareth-20, Glyceryl Stearate, Cetyl Alcohol, Tetrasodium EDTA, DMDM Hydantoin, Fragrance

The idea of having four seasons collection is nice at least you get to choose your mood. Hindi lang pala drinks ang may four seasons, bet? 

In terms of consistency, they are the same. They are pearly white in color and is slightly runny. Compared to other creamy lotions, this one feels lighter on the skin. Also, each of them is very moisturizing without the heavy feeling so it is suitable for daily wear even during the hot season. My only problem would be its lack of SPF content so you might want to layer on some sunblock on top to keep you protected from the harmful rays of the sun. Scent is all okay, but my favorite is the Blissful Autumn (pink) because it got the strongest and longest wearing scent!

Overall, I like this Belle Kris Four Seasons Collection! They are very hydrating and moisturizing. They keep my skin soft and smooth all day without the uncomfortable feeling heavy creams imparts. It is affordable too so you might want to avail this collection! 

Happy blogging!

Skin Care Organic Cocoon Soap Review

Skin Care Organic Cocoon Soap
Bought for: Free | Price: P180
From: Skin Care Organic

First, let me thank my Skin Care Organic Family for sending this soap over along with some skin goodies. I actually have five more soaps to review soon but for today, let me share to you my thoughts about Skin Care Organic Cocoon Soap. I know you are surprised to hear that the organic world is now infusing cocoon silk to skin care products. It is not my first time encountering an extraordinarily weird yet beneficial product--the first one is the Bee Venom. But..really, cocoon? I, myself, hardly believe it until SCO sent me one. And they are really cocoon shells! Amazeballs!

By the way, for your information, cocoon silks are known to greatly exfoliate skin, making it soft and smooth. It also stimulates skin for improved collagen production and helps wipe away wrinkles.

Claims: For acne prone skin, made with tea tree extract to fight pimple-causing bacteria and silk cocoo for mild exfoliation. Silk cocoon imparts sericin to the skin, a protein made by silk worms. It also promotes collagen production for smoother, youthful skin. A beauty and anti-acne soap in one. 100% natural soap and is handmade with love.

Ingredients: Glycerin, Organic Oils, Tea Tree Extract, Real Cocoon Silk

The first time I saw this soap, I can't get myself to use this. I mean it is just too cute to ruin. Whatcha think? I was first confused with those hollowed-out shells inside the hardened soap then I realized they are real cocoons. I actually thought they were just extracts, but we were provided with real ones so the benefits that you will get are not synthetic. I tried cutting this soap into sections, but mind you, do not try, as they are pretty hard to break. However, when you let the water sip through, you will eventually find out that it can soften as well and that's what makes it a good exfoliator especially on more sensitive parts of the face area. Obviously, there are hardened soap stuck inside the cocoons so you might want to cut the softened shells to emit the soap which you an still use.

This soap has an almost strong scent, probably because of Tea Tree Extract which is good for acne/pimple-prone skin. Luckily, this soap does not melt easily on soap dishes. It suds gently too and is non-drying. If I am not mistaken, this is the first soap nfor acne-prone skin which is not at all drying. In fact, it is so hydrating--thanks to Glycerin!

Using this soap for a period of one month, I would say that it does not really control breakouts. In fact, on my first week of use, I developed tiny bumps on the face. I hinted it was because of the Tea Tree Extract which always fails to work for my pimple-prone skin. On a lighter note, this works well for my body as it immediately gives a soft, smooth, clean and hydrated layer! Now, if your skin reacts well to Tea Tree Extract, you might want to give this a try!

'Til my next post! Happy blogging!

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Skin White Classic Whitening Lotion, Advanced Power Whitening Lotion and Face Cream Powder in Light Beige

Bear with me guys, I have to make my studies my priority first. That being said, I won't promise to be as updated as I would want to because school stuff won't permit really. But I am so delighted that I have finished my three major subject reports and other activities! Yey!

Anyway, to make up with my lack of posts, today, I am going to review the products I got from Sample Room--Skin White Advanced Powerwhitening Lotion with Advanced Tri-power Technology with SPF 20, Skin White Classic Whitening Lotion with SPF10 and Skin White Advanced Whitening Face Cream Powder in Light Beige.

Skin White Advanced Powerwhitening Lotion with SPF 20

Skin White Advanced Powerwhitening Lotion with SPF 20 comes in its typical lotion bottle that is available in 50 ml (P71) 100 ml(P123.25) and 200 ml(P235) bottles. I prefer lotion in tube packaging for easy dispensing, but it's still fine though. Sample Room is really generous enough to include full-size products for their samples. Yay! Only 35 points are needed for you to avail the sample.

I have always been a fan of Skin White products. I mean, I don't think there still exists a drugstore brand that is at par with the huge amount of love I have for Skin White. I would say that I pretty much adore their Classic Moisturizer (face cream), but I like this lotion almost just the same.

First thing, the scent is nice. I can't really describe what fragrances there are but it smells fruity--the scent I like with lotions. The consistency is of average viscosity, meaning it is kinda thick in consistency, thus tends to be a little greasy on feel. Sadly, the slight heavy feeling won't go away throughout the day. It is a good thing for those with dry skin as it tends to be super moisturizing on skin. So if your main concern are your parched pelts, this could be your go-to lotion. It is affordable and gives an instant bright, radiant and healthy complexion. Note the SPF20 so you are still safe under the sun even when you don't prefer to layer sunscreen on. (But, please do not stay too long under the sun! If you can't help it, apply another layer!)

Skin White Classic Whitening Lotion with SPF 10

I believe this is the counterpart body lotion for their Classic Face Cream/Moisturizer and is infused with Light-feel Technology and Vitanourish Formula. And I fell head over heels after one application. Yes, that instant! Ito lang ang tanging instant na walang bitin. Hahah! True to its word, it gives off a light feeling so if you are afraid that your skin might look and feel dry, at the same time, greasy, this lotion will suit you. It will effectively moisturize and hydrate your skin without the heavy feeling SPF-based products imparts.It smells super nice too (like baby powders but better!) at least for me. Compared to the Powerwhitening lotion, this has a thinner consistency that can easily absorb by our skin. It also has Vitamins B5, B3, B6, C and E to nourish our skin! I love this!

When you get this at Sample Room, you would receive this at your doorstep in full-size (200 ml) for free! Apparently, you still have to pay for the shipping fee (P100-130) though pero hindi mo na maiisip yun dahil three full-size products naman ang makukuha mo! Sulit, right? Anyway, you can also avail this at all leading supermarkets, department stores and drugstores nationwide and is available in 100 ml (P72), and 200 ml (P) bottle sizes.

Skin White Advanced Whitening Face Cream Powder in Light Beige

This is not my first time trying out Skin White Face Cream Powders. I had the one in, uhm, I forgot the name of the shade but it was the light one. The one in white cream which gives a pinkisk glow. I have no idea if it still exists though. However, the pinkish undertone looks awkward on my fair but with a yellow undertone complexion. Hence, I stopped using it. Good thing, Sample Room has the Light Beige, more like a tinted moisturizer that dries into a powdery veil on top of the skin. It is super lightweight and velvety to the touch. I like it. Though it only has a very sheer coverage, the brightened complexion lasts all day.

I would say that a little would go a long way already because too much may emphasize the product clinging on the creases of the face. Swatched is provided below by the way.

This face cream powder has advanced tri-power technology that safely attcks three-stages of melanin production--blocks, suppresses, prevents with its SPF12 content. It is also loaded with synchronized whitening action and vitanourish formula like the Classic Whitening Lotion--Vitamins B3, B5, B6, C and E for intense nourishment.

So yeah, have you tried these three products? What are your thoughts? Kindly tell me below and let's talk about it! Happy blogging!

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Real Natura Organics Healthy Skin Foundation in Rose, Highlighter in Maria, Wink Brow Dressing in Raven and Soft Matte Lip Gem in Juicy Orange Review

Healthy Skin Foundation SPF 60+++  15g
Wink Brow Dressing in Raven 12g (P299)
Dazzling Highlighter in Maria (P399)
Soft Matte Lip Gem in Juicy Orange (P659)

From: Natura Organics

Good day! I have been MIA these past few days, again, because of some school stuff. I had to go to class early and went home later than midnight for some required extracurricular activities that involves so much travelling. Graduating-student-feels-like. Hahaha! Anyway, to make up, I have four products here to review--all came from one of the most popular organic brand from Instagram as of today, Natura Organics. Thanks Doc Mel for sending these makeup over!

Healthy Skin Foundation SPF 60+++ 

This is the Healthy Skin Foundation with SPF60+++ in shade Rose. Also available in shades:  It comes in a small, heavy plastic tub. The packaging, for me, looks so cute and posh, I had to look in the market for the same available jar to store my creams and mask which I can bring for travel as a substitute for bulky tubs. The only problem I had with the packaging is the lack of ingredients list. Anyway, as I remember, I can just go to their digital store and browse.

As I have said, the shade that Doc Mel send me is in shade Rose with a strong peach pigmentation almost pastel orange-y and a peachy pink undertone. Unfortunately, this looks a shade tad lighter than my skin tone (fair with a yellow undertone) and a bit ghostly when blended. What I usually do is top it off with a darker shade of powder foundation, I had one from Maybelline. I find it a little hard to blend too so putting light moisturizers underneath is advisable. However, I like that it dries to a soft powdery matte, suitable for any skin types. 

The picture above shows a little of the scooped product. In personal, the shade is stronger than what is in that picture. Maybe if you have porcelain skin tone, then maybe this shade is for you. Also, a little would go a long way so paying more for an organic and cruel-free foundation is worth your every penny.

Highlighter in Maria

This highlighter from Natura Organics is one of the the first organic highlighters in the local market and comes in four shades: Calliope, Aceya, Maria and Athena. This comes in a durable plastic with a jewel-like cover. One product has an estimation of 10g at minimum. A little goes a long way too. The shade of the product is noticeably different from the photo above and below. This is because, when unused for a period of time, it can developed an oxidized layer. This is easily manageable by shedding off the first layer until you can see the fresher shade. In person, highlighter in the shade Maria has a light pink tone with shimmers for more highlighting effect.

Again, the shade does not really suit me well. I guess it would be perfect for those with pinkish and light skin instead. I prefer the Calliope shade with a yellow undertone though. But the thing is, I could rely for this highlighter now for a subtle highlight when I am off to somewhere and this thing would not melt easily on my oily skin, meaning it's pretty long-wearing! Just be patient in blending as it could have some tugging issues upon application.

Again, this product is made of natural and organic ingredients minus the synthetic ones so you might want to give this a try too! By the way, if you want to try these, you can avail the cheaper ones in Mini Strobe Glow Sticks for P199 each!

Wink Brow Dressing in Raven

The packaging is the same with the highlighter above, very travel-friendly indeed. It also comes in four shades: Caramel, Auburn, Chocolate and Raven with 12 g of products each. It also has a barely-there scent (all the products here do too). I believe the shade is the darkest one as it is almost similar to charcoal black (grayish black). I like that a little goes a long way already. Unfortunately, it having a dark shade for my slightly colored hair makes it unfit for everyday use. Again, the problem is the shade for my hair color. Had I stick to my natural hair color, this would be a perfect match. So if you have uncolored hair, you might want stick to this shade. But, other than that, I love everything to bits.

This dries in a slightly dewy finish so eyebrow fillers in powder forms is advisable to prolong the life of this product on your eyebrows. 

Soft Matte Lip Gem in Juicy Orange

The packaging looks sleek for me because of the shiny black and white theme and a little gold lining. One retails for P659 each, kinda pricey, yes, but guarateed that it will not do harm on your lips! I like that this lip gem is so moisturizing! It comes in a bright orange hue but leaves a nice somewhat subtle pink stain on the lips! And it feels very hydrating after long hours of drinking and eating!

Aside from Juicy Orange, it has other shades like: Red Petal, Fuchsia Punch, Sultry Twist, Coral Mauve, Naked Berry, Poppy Velvet, Wine Plum, Caramel Glaze and Cocoa Cabernet.

The photo below shows one swipe swatch of the product. See that it does not have a fully pigmented shade with a single swipe. Nonetheless, I like it. I started to love orange shades with the same consistency even if I have not been a wearer before.

For more information and wide range of skin care and cosmetic products, visit Natura Organics on the following site. By the way, they offer free shipping when you place your order via Shopee!:

Facebook: Real Natura Organics

Til my next post! Happy blogging!

Monday, August 15, 2016

Fashion 21 Two Way Cakes: With Tea Tree Oil, Milk Moisturizers, Papaya and Plain

Fashion 21 Cosmetics Two- Way Cakes
(Milk Moisturizers. Tea Tree Oil, Papaya and Original)
Bought for: Free | Price: P180/ea
From: Fashion 21 Cosmetics

Setting powders are important after applying your base makeup because they work as the tool to make it last longer. Without them, expect your bases to melt easily in a matter of few hours. Not to mention, how warm the weather in the Philippines is. It is a good news that Fashion 21 send me these two-way cakes for review--new babies to play with! Yey!

One product costs P180 each for an 11g compact powder--very affordable, yes? By the way, provided above are their ingredient list. Kindly click it to view the enlarged image so you can read what's written on the box. I love how it is provided with all the details so OC consumers would have something to rely on if they want to know the ingredients, manufacturing dates, shades, benefits, etc.

The products are sealed with plastics first to avoid scratches and fingerprints? Could be.

I am going to spill everything I love about these right now, all right? Okay, first, I like that it comes in four variants which, I believe, is intended for different skin types. One is infused with nothing as it is the original one, another is papaya-infused, next is the one with tea tree oil and the last is the one with milk moisturizers. The powder without any herbal plants or natural ingredients is probably for natural skin types. The Tea Tree Oil-infused, however, I believe is for acne-prone skin types. The papaya is intended for those who wants lighter skin tone and the one with  milk moisturizers on it is for those with dry skin. Amazing how they think that way very carefully. And wait, did I tell you that they come in different shades too? Yes! One variant has four shades to choose from--all is intended for Pinay shades and skin tones!

Each powder is housed in a plastic compact packaging which would definitely fit pouches perfectly so you can depend on them for easy travel. I prefer these than bring my foundations on heavy fragile glass containers. However, be careful as the the hard plastic can still develop cracks when stored improperly or when you put pressure on it. It also comes in four colors so whatever variant you decided to use, you will get an idea what color the compact is while making no mistake in getting one for another one. Black for the original. Pastel green for  Tea Tree Oil. Pastel orange for Papaya. And white for Milk Moisturizers. Each compact is accompanied with a typical sponge for application.

As you can see in the picture, three of these are in shade number 2 but the difference in the nudity of the powder is very significant. Maybe it is because of the natural products infused to it? Well, I have no idea. Nonetheless, I would have to admit that it could be on the least of my concerns if ever there are. Surprisingly, the difference in shade does not matter as they do not make my face turn lighter nor darker--just a hint of different brightness and glow.

Again, these are a two-way cakes so you may use these either with a dry or wet sponge is okay. But I prefer to use it dry because the sponge takes time to dry and they would develop bacteria lol too much explanation but seriously, I don't like it wet unless you are going to use this alone without any liquid foundation. Hmm...I guess that is the only time you could use a wet sponge because if you have liquid foundation on then you put this powder, it may results to two outcomes: wiped out liquid foundation or cake-y looking foundation. However, be informed that these things only happen to me, thus my opinions are based on my experiences. I don't know if the same thing would happen to you. So feel free to try!

A little of the powder would already make your face instant soft, smooth and matte. Using these did not cause me breakouts too. Coverage is very sheer, I believe it is only great as setting powders. Longevity is of average quality so you might want to bring it along with you for easy retouch. Anyway, you won't expect much given the price. If your concern are the scents, well, they are fragranced with hints of chemicals which some of you, I believe, would find off-putting. I don't mind them though.

Overall, I like these two-way cakes from Fashion 21. I highly recommend these to those who are in a beauty budget as it is very affordable and to those who consider themselves as novice makeup enthusiasts that would love to try different drugstore brands of makeup.

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