Thursday, August 4, 2016

Cheap Finds Series: Clothing Haul July 2016

Last month, I went on a mini shopping (let's exclude all the makeup and skincare), partly because I seriously have nothing else to wear beside my favorite basics and partly because I am stressed with all the school stuff and such. I am the type of person kasi who prefers to wear simple and comfortable pieces of clothing. I don't mean the outdated ones though. But I am still careful in what I wear especially since I started blogging. I like to look stylish in a conservative way, if you know what I mean.

High Waist Jeans (P240 each)
Bought from: @herdreamfactory on Shopee

The first on my list are high-waist jeans--definitely one of the trendiest nowadays. I got them from Shopee (@herdreamfactory) when I spotted them on sale at 56% off! Originally one pair of pants retails for over P500 but I got them for only P240 the reason I purchased two in royal blue and light blue. My friend got two as well, except she got a black one and a royal blue.

Chicabooti Dress (P379)
Bought from: Chicabooti
 The moment I saw this dress, I immediately imagine myself wearing this on a beach season because it is backless. It is just that I don't wear revealing clothes as is. Either I wear a cardigan on top or a fitted long sleeves under. I was just so lucky to get this at no over P400 when its original price is P800 something!

Printed Romper (P379)
Bought from: Chicabooti

I am currently into printed pieces so I got this one. I don't know but I think this romper suits me well and I just can't leave the shop without it. I even fitted this thrice! My goodness!

Gray Cardigan (P379)
Printed Cropped Top (P279)
Bought from: Chicabooti

For me, gray can go with any colored top or dress, what do you think? It's mainly the reason why I got this. I can instantly put this on top of my clothes and off I go. The cropped top, on the other hand, feels super comfortable when worn so I think I could rely on it on my lazy days. Plus, it's got a nice fabric, neither thin nor thick.

Striped Turtle Neck Top (P279)
White Muscle Tee (P99)
Bought from: Chicabooti (1st), Artwork (2nd)

I think the first top is a simple yet very stylish top that can go effortlessly sexy with anything--be it jeans, shorts, skirts, etc. It's got a woven fabric which does not feel warm when worn. The white muscle tee, on the other hand, is my favorite since it's got a statement which I definitely can relate to! I love writing and I am so lucky to get the last piece of this from Artwork! Both are also on sale so hoard much! Ahm, all the stuff I got were on sale, by the way!

And those are the collective cheap/on sale clothes I got last July! Care to share yours? Weeee!

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