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Fashion 21 Two Way Cakes: With Tea Tree Oil, Milk Moisturizers, Papaya and Plain

Fashion 21 Cosmetics Two- Way Cakes
(Milk Moisturizers. Tea Tree Oil, Papaya and Original)
Bought for: Free | Price: P180/ea
From: Fashion 21 Cosmetics

Setting powders are important after applying your base makeup because they work as the tool to make it last longer. Without them, expect your bases to melt easily in a matter of few hours. Not to mention, how warm the weather in the Philippines is. It is a good news that Fashion 21 send me these two-way cakes for review--new babies to play with! Yey!

One product costs P180 each for an 11g compact powder--very affordable, yes? By the way, provided above are their ingredient list. Kindly click it to view the enlarged image so you can read what's written on the box. I love how it is provided with all the details so OC consumers would have something to rely on if they want to know the ingredients, manufacturing dates, shades, benefits, etc.

The products are sealed with plastics first to avoid scratches and fingerprints? Could be.

I am going to spill everything I love about these right now, all right? Okay, first, I like that it comes in four variants which, I believe, is intended for different skin types. One is infused with nothing as it is the original one, another is papaya-infused, next is the one with tea tree oil and the last is the one with milk moisturizers. The powder without any herbal plants or natural ingredients is probably for natural skin types. The Tea Tree Oil-infused, however, I believe is for acne-prone skin types. The papaya is intended for those who wants lighter skin tone and the one with  milk moisturizers on it is for those with dry skin. Amazing how they think that way very carefully. And wait, did I tell you that they come in different shades too? Yes! One variant has four shades to choose from--all is intended for Pinay shades and skin tones!

Each powder is housed in a plastic compact packaging which would definitely fit pouches perfectly so you can depend on them for easy travel. I prefer these than bring my foundations on heavy fragile glass containers. However, be careful as the the hard plastic can still develop cracks when stored improperly or when you put pressure on it. It also comes in four colors so whatever variant you decided to use, you will get an idea what color the compact is while making no mistake in getting one for another one. Black for the original. Pastel green for  Tea Tree Oil. Pastel orange for Papaya. And white for Milk Moisturizers. Each compact is accompanied with a typical sponge for application.

As you can see in the picture, three of these are in shade number 2 but the difference in the nudity of the powder is very significant. Maybe it is because of the natural products infused to it? Well, I have no idea. Nonetheless, I would have to admit that it could be on the least of my concerns if ever there are. Surprisingly, the difference in shade does not matter as they do not make my face turn lighter nor darker--just a hint of different brightness and glow.

Again, these are a two-way cakes so you may use these either with a dry or wet sponge is okay. But I prefer to use it dry because the sponge takes time to dry and they would develop bacteria lol too much explanation but seriously, I don't like it wet unless you are going to use this alone without any liquid foundation. Hmm...I guess that is the only time you could use a wet sponge because if you have liquid foundation on then you put this powder, it may results to two outcomes: wiped out liquid foundation or cake-y looking foundation. However, be informed that these things only happen to me, thus my opinions are based on my experiences. I don't know if the same thing would happen to you. So feel free to try!

A little of the powder would already make your face instant soft, smooth and matte. Using these did not cause me breakouts too. Coverage is very sheer, I believe it is only great as setting powders. Longevity is of average quality so you might want to bring it along with you for easy retouch. Anyway, you won't expect much given the price. If your concern are the scents, well, they are fragranced with hints of chemicals which some of you, I believe, would find off-putting. I don't mind them though.

Overall, I like these two-way cakes from Fashion 21. I highly recommend these to those who are in a beauty budget as it is very affordable and to those who consider themselves as novice makeup enthusiasts that would love to try different drugstore brands of makeup.

For more information, visit Fashion 21 Cosmetics on the following accounts:

Instagram: @fashion21_cosmetics
Twitter: @Fashion21_C

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