Sunday, August 28, 2016

Hair Fairy Dry Shampoo from Bargain Studio Review

Hair Fairy Dry Shampoo
Bought for: Free | Original price: P200

I have been wanting dry shampoos ever since. This is because I have naturally straight hair which easily turns oily and limp after a few hours especially during hot season when I perspire the most. However, their prices are a bit high so I would have to resort to affordable shampoos to clean my hair, thus, logically speaking, I have to let the moisture go. To compensate, I would have to apply hair serums, not creams because they would just make it worst. I actually thought I was lucky enough to have straight hair but those with wavy and curly manes do not know that the knot which comes with it is as worse as having coarse and tangled hair. Anyway, I was really happy when Bargain Studio PH sent me the Hair Fairy Dry Shampoo, what we will be going to talk about right now.

So the product comes in an airless pump bottle. Actually, the pump is kinda hard to press at first uses but it would immediately loosen up with continuous use. And oh, by the way, I'm pretty sure the layout gets your attention! And it is in pink! I am not so much a fan of pink stuff but it really got into me. The visuals are artistically created to attract attention. I don't know, I just find them so cute and I plan to keep it even after it is emptied. Hoho!

Aside from the artistic layout, it is also complete with labels like direction for use, ingredients, caution, description and manufacturing and expiry dates. Very helpful, indeed.

Claims: Low on volume? Short on time? Meet the next big thing! A quick blast of Hair Fairy Dry Shampoo revitalizes dull and lifeless hair without the need for water. Just a quick spray will transform your hair between washes into a clean, fresh-smelling style that is full of body and bounce in an instant.

See? It is just so easy to apply. You just have to spritz some on hair, massage and style! Hence, this product is really recommended not only to those with easily-turning-oily hair (like me), but to those who are in a hurry too! In my case, I do not just use it to alleviate hair oiliness but to add volume as well and mind you, it works! And uhm, did I mention the scent? Well, it smells like...I can't really explain...but it is very similar to Pantene shampoos? I can't really describe and remember but I loveeeee it! "Hindi ka naman naligo pero mabango buhok mo" feels lang ang peg!

So yeah, all in all, I like it! And yes, it helps absorbs excess oil but not totally remove it. I guess my hair is as oily as my face or even more. But I like it more on the voluming part though. So what else? Yes, this smells super nice as in that is why it can remove odour! It cleanses the hair without stripping off its natural moisture which is mainly caused by daily shampooing. It does not cause hair fall nor dandruff problems too so yeah, I would still recommend it. For only P200, you can't go wrong with this!

Til my next post! Happy blogging!

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