Monday, August 29, 2016

Maybelline Dream Satin Skin Liquid Foundation with SPF 24 PA++ Review

Maybelline Dream Satin Skin Liquid Foundation With  SPF 24 PA++ 30ml
Bought for: P250 (on sale at 50% off)
Bought from: Beautymnl

I hate how we are currently struggling with critic papers, documentary, crisis drills, thesis, reports, assignments and everything all at the same time. But in all honesty, I crave for some quiet moment and escape. I hate to be sentimental too, but I find blogging my comfort zone and this is what I need right now. To cut my drama short, here's a review for a long stored product that has been on my shelf for months now and this is no other than Maybelline Dream Satin Skin Liquid Foundation with  SPF 24 PA++. Seriously, I can't even remember the time I had this draft on hold. Hahah! I know there is a lot of reviews available and this is no different, still. The one I have here is the shade B4, by the way. I am still having a hard time choosing foundation shades which best suit my skin tone so I am relying most on sales ladies at the counter and this is what they gave me. Don't get me wrong, okay? Before I purchased mine online, I went to Maybelline counter at SM Manila Department Store (such a haven!) to ask for my shade and yeah, they got my shade! Yey! Isn't it amazing for brands to consider your shade? Hanna, as if.

The packaging looks pretty decent for me. Well, we're so used to foundations on glass bottles, right? Even if it's not really travel-friendly, I would still like it because you can easily see the shade from the transparent bottle. The cover seems tight, you won't have any trouble misplacing them or worry as it may set apart because it just fits well to the crater of the body. The plastic pump, on the other hand, feels a bit loose when dispensing a product as it slips and turns (and sometimes a little hard to function) but it's not something I would actually mind though. Maybe the one sent to me by Beautymnl has some issues in terms of packaging, or it loosen up because of improper delivery handling or it's just the way it is. Just like what I have said, I won't turn it against Maybelline.

Claim: Air-whipped liquid foundation. Our unique air-soft formula provides poreless, satin-smooth looking skin. Extraordinary coverage that does now clog pores. Long-lasting and moisturizing all day.

Let us see if it is true to its claim. Okay, I always thought I had yellow undertones but most suggestive are the ones with slightly beige to neutral undertones. I am confused so I can't really comment much on how this foundation blends seamlessly with my skin tone. However, I do not find it awkward, lighter or darker for my skin, in fact, it looks like my skin with that slightly pink to beige undertone.

According to Maybelline, this is a liquid mousse foundation, meaning it gives a light air-whipped feels on skin. In all fairness, I can confirm that it offers a pretty decent coverage, at least medium as I can still see my reddish zits peeking through while using this. In all fairness, even skin tone will be achieved. Given my oily skin, I hate to say that it does not control oil, does not mattify skin, has dewy finish, in short, I don't really like the finish, not unless I would layer some powder foundation on to alleviate shine. On a lighter note, those with dry to natural skin type could feast on it as it really does its job to moisturize the skin. That being said, this foundation would surely cover dryness or flakiness and never would emphasize them, This foundation holds up incredibly longer that what I have imagined with my P250 and most commonly on times when I do not perspire much.

I would suggest you do not layer it under heavy moisturizers as it would look patchy and would develop white cast. But when applied alone, no problem. I also find that this applies well on me using sponges rather than fingers or brushes to allow it to be blended seamlessly. Here are photos taken under natural and with flash lightings.

To sum things up, I am currently both in love and in hate relationship with this.I like this foundation in terms of coverage but not in texture. I like the glass bottle but not much of the pump. And most especially, it is so affordable! No one would not really like it. I suggest you wait til the next sale to avail 50% off the original price!

Have you tried this girls? Have you? Not yet? Let me know! Til my next post! Happy blogging!

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