Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Cheap Finds Series: My First Ever Ekel Masks Haul!


I had this urge last month  to hoard some masks from a Shopee seller (kfcpineda). One pack retails for only P17! However, they were all in the status of preorder so I had to wait more or less a month before they arrive at my doorstep. Well, the wait is really worth it, see? My, my, my! It was so cheap that I had to get 25 pieces which I plan to give away. Some would go straight to Spain just because. and of course, I will be using some. After all, it would be my first time to try these most-raved Korean Mask Sheets. Partly, I jumped into the bandwagon because most of my IG friends are using it and I was like, "What the hell is with these masks nowadays?"

Without futher ado, here's what I've got!

Originally, I bought 24 pieces with  total of P408. But I used the promo code intended for new users so I got a discount of P100 (with a minimum order of P400). So basically, I only paid P308 for everything. And since the seller told me that they encountered a problem with the supplier, they told me that I can't get Pomegranate and in exchange, they would substitute Aloe and Green Tea for it and she would send me an extra to compensate. Very nice seller indeed!

Green Tea, 6 pcs
Aloe, 2 pcs
Vitamin, 2 pcs
Cucumber, 3pcs
Snail, 4 pcs 

And those are my mask sheet haul! If you haven't join my Instagram giveaway, join now as you can win some of these! The mechanics are super easy woohoo! Check out my IG account @hannapoleng for more information and please do like my new Facebook page! Til my next post! Happy blogging!

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