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Real Natura Organics Healthy Skin Foundation in Rose, Highlighter in Maria, Wink Brow Dressing in Raven and Soft Matte Lip Gem in Juicy Orange Review

Healthy Skin Foundation SPF 60+++  15g
Wink Brow Dressing in Raven 12g (P299)
Dazzling Highlighter in Maria (P399)
Soft Matte Lip Gem in Juicy Orange (P659)

From: Natura Organics

Good day! I have been MIA these past few days, again, because of some school stuff. I had to go to class early and went home later than midnight for some required extracurricular activities that involves so much travelling. Graduating-student-feels-like. Hahaha! Anyway, to make up, I have four products here to review--all came from one of the most popular organic brand from Instagram as of today, Natura Organics. Thanks Doc Mel for sending these makeup over!

Healthy Skin Foundation SPF 60+++ 

This is the Healthy Skin Foundation with SPF60+++ in shade Rose. Also available in shades:  It comes in a small, heavy plastic tub. The packaging, for me, looks so cute and posh, I had to look in the market for the same available jar to store my creams and mask which I can bring for travel as a substitute for bulky tubs. The only problem I had with the packaging is the lack of ingredients list. Anyway, as I remember, I can just go to their digital store and browse.

As I have said, the shade that Doc Mel send me is in shade Rose with a strong peach pigmentation almost pastel orange-y and a peachy pink undertone. Unfortunately, this looks a shade tad lighter than my skin tone (fair with a yellow undertone) and a bit ghostly when blended. What I usually do is top it off with a darker shade of powder foundation, I had one from Maybelline. I find it a little hard to blend too so putting light moisturizers underneath is advisable. However, I like that it dries to a soft powdery matte, suitable for any skin types. 

The picture above shows a little of the scooped product. In personal, the shade is stronger than what is in that picture. Maybe if you have porcelain skin tone, then maybe this shade is for you. Also, a little would go a long way so paying more for an organic and cruel-free foundation is worth your every penny.

Highlighter in Maria

This highlighter from Natura Organics is one of the the first organic highlighters in the local market and comes in four shades: Calliope, Aceya, Maria and Athena. This comes in a durable plastic with a jewel-like cover. One product has an estimation of 10g at minimum. A little goes a long way too. The shade of the product is noticeably different from the photo above and below. This is because, when unused for a period of time, it can developed an oxidized layer. This is easily manageable by shedding off the first layer until you can see the fresher shade. In person, highlighter in the shade Maria has a light pink tone with shimmers for more highlighting effect.

Again, the shade does not really suit me well. I guess it would be perfect for those with pinkish and light skin instead. I prefer the Calliope shade with a yellow undertone though. But the thing is, I could rely for this highlighter now for a subtle highlight when I am off to somewhere and this thing would not melt easily on my oily skin, meaning it's pretty long-wearing! Just be patient in blending as it could have some tugging issues upon application.

Again, this product is made of natural and organic ingredients minus the synthetic ones so you might want to give this a try too! By the way, if you want to try these, you can avail the cheaper ones in Mini Strobe Glow Sticks for P199 each!

Wink Brow Dressing in Raven

The packaging is the same with the highlighter above, very travel-friendly indeed. It also comes in four shades: Caramel, Auburn, Chocolate and Raven with 12 g of products each. It also has a barely-there scent (all the products here do too). I believe the shade is the darkest one as it is almost similar to charcoal black (grayish black). I like that a little goes a long way already. Unfortunately, it having a dark shade for my slightly colored hair makes it unfit for everyday use. Again, the problem is the shade for my hair color. Had I stick to my natural hair color, this would be a perfect match. So if you have uncolored hair, you might want stick to this shade. But, other than that, I love everything to bits.

This dries in a slightly dewy finish so eyebrow fillers in powder forms is advisable to prolong the life of this product on your eyebrows. 

Soft Matte Lip Gem in Juicy Orange

The packaging looks sleek for me because of the shiny black and white theme and a little gold lining. One retails for P659 each, kinda pricey, yes, but guarateed that it will not do harm on your lips! I like that this lip gem is so moisturizing! It comes in a bright orange hue but leaves a nice somewhat subtle pink stain on the lips! And it feels very hydrating after long hours of drinking and eating!

Aside from Juicy Orange, it has other shades like: Red Petal, Fuchsia Punch, Sultry Twist, Coral Mauve, Naked Berry, Poppy Velvet, Wine Plum, Caramel Glaze and Cocoa Cabernet.

The photo below shows one swipe swatch of the product. See that it does not have a fully pigmented shade with a single swipe. Nonetheless, I like it. I started to love orange shades with the same consistency even if I have not been a wearer before.

For more information and wide range of skin care and cosmetic products, visit Natura Organics on the following site. By the way, they offer free shipping when you place your order via Shopee!:

Facebook: Real Natura Organics

Til my next post! Happy blogging!

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