Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Skin Bounty PH Dirt Out Detox Mask, Oaty-Refic Soap and Milk Scrub Review

Oaty-Refic Soap, P75
Dirt Out Detox Mask, P135/30grams
Milk Scrub, P95/100grams

Be informed that while I am writing this, I am suffering from two days of no-sleep. School work and overnight problems. Gahhh! I wan to sleep already but my heart wants to write first!So a few weeks ago, I received another organic and natural goodies from a shop called Skin Bounty PH. They sent me their Dirt Out Detox Masks, Milk Scrub and Oaty-Refic Soap. I hate to spoil, but I sincerely love everything they sent me! That is why, I am warning you to be prepared as it's gonna be an all-gushing post about SB's products. So here we go!!!

Skin Bounty Dirt Out Detoxifying Mask

The packaging are very simple, but the effectiveness of each products compensate though. This Dirt out Detox Mask comes with a 30g product inside an opaque plastic tub. Unlike other masks, you will have to mix this with water so you can put it on your face. You can put any amount as you wish but I think the more, the better.  This product looks powdery gray but when you mix it with enough water and apply on your skin, it would nicely adhere on your skin while doubling up as scrub too because of its grainy properties.

I just hope the photo above do justice on the actual texture of the product. Anyways, did I mention how a little goes a long way? So even if there is only 30g of product inside, there's high probability that you will consume all this after several months (still depends on the amount that you use.)

The photo above shows the ugly me wearing the mask, letting it dry. As soon as the products dries, you will immediately feel the 'banat' effect on skin. Just take a closer look at how polished and shiny your face would look afterwards because of its great performance as face scrub!

I don't know if you notice or again if this photo does justice but my face looks brighter and more radiant after every use! Not to mention how it increases blood circulation! Continuous use will result to softer, smoother and clearer complexion.

Skin Bounty Oaty-Refic Soap

The second product which I will review is this Oaty-Refic Soap. First, I just want to reiterate that I am such a huge fan of naturally and organically-infused products. Most especially soaps! When I was given the chance to try Go Bare OatMilk Porridge Soap, I had to dream of collecting soaps with chunks of oats. Good thing, Skin Bounty sent me one! Yay!

What I lik most about the soap is how creamy it can be upon lathering on skin. The soap melts easily but I don't mind as long as it melts on my skin. That is just how smooth and creamy the testure is when watered. It smells okay too, definitely not off-putting. It lathers richly and is non-drying. Yay! I finally found something to use without drying my pelts! However, it aims to makes skin acne-free, thing is, I barely noticed any difference on the reduction in the size of my zits. Continuous use may.

The last product I have here is the Skin Bounty Milk Scrub. Definitely looks like milk, smells even better than milk, applies smoothly just like milk. I love it. I love it. I love it. It is the only IG organic scrub that does not irritate my skin with too much abrasiveness. This scrub is super moisturizing while leaving your skin smelling deliciously appetizing. Char. I can't describe the scent but I think it's a combination of butter, vanila and milk.

The only problem I probably have about this is how easily the salt and milk melts on skin. Again, this makes my skin super soft, smooth and good-smelling! My favorite!

Overall, I love Skin Bounty PH Dirt Out Detox Mask, Oaty-Refic Soap and Milk Scrub Review. Aside from being free from cruelty, these products are so affordable yet gives tremendous effects! Avail yours now by visiting Skin Bounty PH on Instagram!

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