Thursday, August 25, 2016

Skin White Classic Whitening Lotion, Advanced Power Whitening Lotion and Face Cream Powder in Light Beige

Bear with me guys, I have to make my studies my priority first. That being said, I won't promise to be as updated as I would want to because school stuff won't permit really. But I am so delighted that I have finished my three major subject reports and other activities! Yey!

Anyway, to make up with my lack of posts, today, I am going to review the products I got from Sample Room--Skin White Advanced Powerwhitening Lotion with Advanced Tri-power Technology with SPF 20, Skin White Classic Whitening Lotion with SPF10 and Skin White Advanced Whitening Face Cream Powder in Light Beige.

Skin White Advanced Powerwhitening Lotion with SPF 20

Skin White Advanced Powerwhitening Lotion with SPF 20 comes in its typical lotion bottle that is available in 50 ml (P71) 100 ml(P123.25) and 200 ml(P235) bottles. I prefer lotion in tube packaging for easy dispensing, but it's still fine though. Sample Room is really generous enough to include full-size products for their samples. Yay! Only 35 points are needed for you to avail the sample.

I have always been a fan of Skin White products. I mean, I don't think there still exists a drugstore brand that is at par with the huge amount of love I have for Skin White. I would say that I pretty much adore their Classic Moisturizer (face cream), but I like this lotion almost just the same.

First thing, the scent is nice. I can't really describe what fragrances there are but it smells fruity--the scent I like with lotions. The consistency is of average viscosity, meaning it is kinda thick in consistency, thus tends to be a little greasy on feel. Sadly, the slight heavy feeling won't go away throughout the day. It is a good thing for those with dry skin as it tends to be super moisturizing on skin. So if your main concern are your parched pelts, this could be your go-to lotion. It is affordable and gives an instant bright, radiant and healthy complexion. Note the SPF20 so you are still safe under the sun even when you don't prefer to layer sunscreen on. (But, please do not stay too long under the sun! If you can't help it, apply another layer!)

Skin White Classic Whitening Lotion with SPF 10

I believe this is the counterpart body lotion for their Classic Face Cream/Moisturizer and is infused with Light-feel Technology and Vitanourish Formula. And I fell head over heels after one application. Yes, that instant! Ito lang ang tanging instant na walang bitin. Hahah! True to its word, it gives off a light feeling so if you are afraid that your skin might look and feel dry, at the same time, greasy, this lotion will suit you. It will effectively moisturize and hydrate your skin without the heavy feeling SPF-based products imparts.It smells super nice too (like baby powders but better!) at least for me. Compared to the Powerwhitening lotion, this has a thinner consistency that can easily absorb by our skin. It also has Vitamins B5, B3, B6, C and E to nourish our skin! I love this!

When you get this at Sample Room, you would receive this at your doorstep in full-size (200 ml) for free! Apparently, you still have to pay for the shipping fee (P100-130) though pero hindi mo na maiisip yun dahil three full-size products naman ang makukuha mo! Sulit, right? Anyway, you can also avail this at all leading supermarkets, department stores and drugstores nationwide and is available in 100 ml (P72), and 200 ml (P) bottle sizes.

Skin White Advanced Whitening Face Cream Powder in Light Beige

This is not my first time trying out Skin White Face Cream Powders. I had the one in, uhm, I forgot the name of the shade but it was the light one. The one in white cream which gives a pinkisk glow. I have no idea if it still exists though. However, the pinkish undertone looks awkward on my fair but with a yellow undertone complexion. Hence, I stopped using it. Good thing, Sample Room has the Light Beige, more like a tinted moisturizer that dries into a powdery veil on top of the skin. It is super lightweight and velvety to the touch. I like it. Though it only has a very sheer coverage, the brightened complexion lasts all day.

I would say that a little would go a long way already because too much may emphasize the product clinging on the creases of the face. Swatched is provided below by the way.

This face cream powder has advanced tri-power technology that safely attcks three-stages of melanin production--blocks, suppresses, prevents with its SPF12 content. It is also loaded with synchronized whitening action and vitanourish formula like the Classic Whitening Lotion--Vitamins B3, B5, B6, C and E for intense nourishment.

So yeah, have you tried these three products? What are your thoughts? Kindly tell me below and let's talk about it! Happy blogging!

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