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SVR Infinity Face and Body Cream with UV Filters and Glutathione with Kojic and Collagen Soap

Sofia's Glutathione with Kojic and Collagen Soap (135g), P100
Sofia's Face and Body Cream with UV filters (50ml), P235
From: SVR Infinity

SVR (Sofia Veronica Relosa) Infinity Glutathione and Collagen Soap and Cream with UV Filters I have made a brief introduction to SVR Infinity on my previous post, didn't I? The reason I wrote it next because I am using them all at the same time but still maintaining a low maintenance skin care. Hahah! For a busy bee like me, I can only manage to use not more than five products on my face every after bath. Unlucky me. Anyway, without further ado, here's my review about SVR Infinity!

SVR Infinity Glutathione with Kojic and Collagen Soap

I really like the idea of the packaging with the white and blue ribbon. The soap was also wrapped twice in a transparent plastic which is a plus point for me because I know it will maintain its freshness and cleanliness unlike others with exposed parts. It is also complete with details that you would definitely would want to know like directions, description, ingredients and proof of authenticity. Good thing, Sofia has it! Check the photo below to enlarge and know more about it!

This soap has known powerful ingredients such as Glutathione, Collagen, Kojic, Vitamin E and C. Provided are the benefits of their key ingredients. Glutathione is a natural anti-oxidants that eradicates toxins or free radicals in the body. As Glutathione properties is synthesized into a Glutathione soap, it inhibits the melanin formation and eliminates melasma, hyperpigmentation, uneven skin tone, freckles, dark spots. This results to a natural skin lightening. Collagen is a natural protein that binds skin tissues to avoid fine lines or wrinkles. As a person age, decrease in collagen becomes apparent. With collagen supplements, such as soaps, creams, etc., natural collagen develops to avoid unwanted lines on your skin.  Kojic Acid, another form of skin lightening property, is a natural anti-bacterial and anti-fungus that is found to cure melasma, dark spots, and acne.
Vitamin E and C are antioxidant properties that promotes natural skin repair. Both neutralize free radicals and aids development of your body’s natural glutathione. 

Given all these, who would resist these products, right? However, we may not know the amount of concentration of these ingredients on the products but, still, it's worth a chance!

As you can see, it has an almost snowy white soap color with the name Sofia embossed in the middle. Other than that, nothing seems to look more special on the soap until you lather it on wet skin. I swear, I never had encountered a soap as smooth and creamy as this. Well, to name one, I like the texture of Go Bare OatMilk Porridge Soap, but this one is totally different. It imparts a creamy soft feel on skin upon lathering and it easily suds richly with a very nice scent to it. I don't know if I smell a hint of vanilla on it, but it's just so nice while it lingers on skin for a few more hours after bath!

I like how this soap leaves my skin feeling squeaky clean and refreshed afterward. However, this soap could also be drying even when you do not let it stay for minutes so moisturizer is a must. Good thing, my package came with the cream.

SVR Infinity Face and Body Cream with UV Filters

The cream is housed in an opaque plastic tube with a cover that tightly shuts with a snap. It has that familiar blue and white theme on the overall packaging which screams it really is Sofia's. Lol. Anyway, again, nothing looks really special in the packaging except the generous details imprinted on the sticker. I like it better this way than plain ones. With this, I could check more often what am I putting on my face.

For your reference (because the writing is too microscopic to see, kidding), here's what's written at the back of this product.

Claims: Get that no makeup, flawless skin look with SVr Infinity products. You beauty regimen is made much more easy and effortless with Sofia's Face and Body Cream with UV filters.

Instructions of use: After washing, apply unto your face and/or body Sofia's Face and Body Cream with UV filters.For better results, use it with Sofia's Glutathione with Kojic and Collagen Soap. Reapply before stepping out in the sun for that much ;needed UV protection. Don't forget maximum protectionis not staying too long under the harsh sun!

Ingredients; Aqua, Cetyl Alcohol, Glycerin, Propylene Glycol, Fruit Extract distillate, Cocamide DEA, Stearic Acid, Garcinia Binucao (Biko) choisy "Batuan" fruit extract, Polysorbate 80, Dimethicone, Ceteareth-20, Titanium oxide, Zinc Oxide, Benzophenone-3, Ceresin, Ozokerite, Glyceryl Monostearate, Citrofortunella Microcarpa Fruit Extract, Triethanolamine, Kojic Acid, Phenoxyethanol, Carboxymethylcellulose, Methyl paraben, Propyl paraben, Butylated Hydroxytoluene, Fragrance

Paraben spotted!

This product has three key ingredients: Garcinia Morella which is a low PH level natural ingredient that gives instant fair skin while your beautiful skin is moisturized; Kojic Acid, a natural whitening, anti-bacteria, and anti-fungal ingredient. A great ingredient that addresses pimples to give you a zit and dark spots free skin. and UV filters (SPF 20), your much needed protection for your flawless skin from the sun’s UV rays. Avoid pre-mature skin ageing, and dark spots by re-applying day and night

The cream is snowy white in color and is thick in consistency so a little goes a long way--half a blob is enough for the whole face. Because of the sun protection, it tends to create white cast on skin so you might want to fully blend it to reduce this. As it says, it can be applied on both face and skin so you save on maintenance products with this. It's also travel-sized so it fits most pouch precisely. Upon application, surprisingly, this does not feel heavy nor greasy on skin despite its thick consistency. I also did not have a problem with it being applied under makeup as it does not make foundation cake or what. This does not dries to matte but it does not look super oily too and works perfectly with Soul Skin PH's products! Definitely, no adverse reaction whatsoever!


Overall, I like SVR Infinity Face and Body Cream with UV Filters and Glutathione with Kojic and Collagen Soap. They do not break me out. The reduces the appearance of my pimple marks. They are so affordable and perfect for busy people because of the low-maintenance skin care concept involving only two products: soap and cream. However, I prefer using these with Soul Skin PH Toner and Light Cream. Have you read my review about them? If not, click here.

Kindly visit or follow them @svrinfinity on Instagram for more information. 'Til my next post! Happy blogging!

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