Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Updated Skin Care Routine + Mini Review

So I figured out that my class tomorrow will be suspended due to heavy rainfall so even though I haven't slept for two days in a row, I wanted to make this day super productive. Here's a short post sharing my current skin care with you, guys, that is, if you are interested to know what products I am currently obsessing with.

Last time, I got three products that I love using everyday. They were the Acnetrol Set (soap, toner, ab liquid) I bought from Bioessence, today I increased my low-maintenance skin care to four.

This is my current soap for the face. It smells so nice, lathers richly with that creamy texture, does not melt easily and makes my skin feel squeaky clean afterwards though it could be a bit drying especially when left on the skin longer than 3 minutes. It does not break me out too.

This smells really nice too. It has a thick consistency so it fits dry-skinned best. The best part is that it suits oily-skinned too because it leaves with no trace of shine at all when proper amount is dispensed.

I actually adore this toner. It extra cleanses my skin, removing the excess dirt, oil and shine on my face. It dries easily too and imparts an instant bright complexion on my skin. Using this together with the light cream helps reduce the appearance of scars and marks on my face. Love it!

This light cream is true to its word. It blends easily on skin and leaves a very light yet moisturizing layer on it. It smells good too!

And those are the products included in my recent skin care! I have been using them for more or less two weeks now and I would say I am pretty much satisfied! Care to share yours? Til my next post! Happy blogging!

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