Monday, September 12, 2016

Casamara Kojic Whitening and Bleaching Soaps Review

Bleaching and Kojic Whitening Soaps
Bought for: Free | Original Price: P135 (BS), P150 (KWS)

Hi guys! Here's a review that has long been overdue. Lol. Introducing Casamara Bleaching and Kojic Whitening Soaps! And I am since born a soap junkie and even though it takes a while to finish one, being trusted by brands is both a commitment and a debt to be as accurate and as honest as possible as I can be. This is why I always make sure to use the products they sent me and give a credible point of view after the roadtesting. I had to use both of these soaps on my face and body and now, here's what I think about it.

Both of the products has mild scent to it. You can smell hints of Kojic in there but it isn't so overpowering, hence won't be a problem if you are a scent-sitive. Oh my goodness, did I invent a word? Okay I like it! Hahaha! Simple packaging is what I see right now with these plastic and sticker paper. By the way, for your reference, here's the ingredient list.

Claims: (Kojic Whitening Soap): Helps lighten skin tone and gently peels to eliminate skin pigmentation and blemishes for a fairer, lighter complexion.

Ingredients (Kojic Whitening Soap): Virgin Coconut Oil, Distilled Oil, Glycerin, Citrus Fruit, Vitamin C, Kojic Powder

Claims (Bleaching Soap): Eliminates skin pigmentation and blemishes, helps lighten dark spots, promotes soft and smooth complexion, helps lighten skin tone

Ingredients (Bleaching Soap): Virgin Coconut Oil, Distilled Water, Glycerin, Arbutin, Vigna Aconilifolia, Lactic Acid

I like that both soaps suds well so cleansing the skin is easy. However, because they lather so richly, they tend to be so drying on the skin too. Don't you know that soaps that lathers richly are more drying than those which do not? Yup! Soooo, make sure to apply heavy moisturizers afterwards. You don't want your skin to age prematurely, do you?

I can't really distinguish the difference between Kojic Whitening and Bleaching Soap. Aside from drying and rich lather, they also cause micropeeling when used overtime. That is why, I want to use them both at the same time during bathing. After the micropeeling, I noticed that my skin looks a lot healthier, softer, smoother and more radiant. This is perfect for those who want to lighten their skin complexion the natural way! But again, do not forget sunscreen as exfoliation increases your skin's sensitivity to the sun, o'right?

And by the way, there is the Casamara name embossed on the soap. Hoho! Overall, I like both the Bleaching and the Kojic Whitening Soap because they do deliver fast, safe and effective results. If you are not allergic to any ingredients mentioned above, I highly recommend you to try this duo. They work!

Til my next post. Happy blogging!

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