Tuesday, September 27, 2016

CP-1 Ceramide Treatment Keratin Silk Injection Review

Hi guys! Just because I have been on the mood to write, I'll be reviewing CP-1 which I got from Althea on their birthday last July. By the way, my apology for being inactive huhu. School works, as usual.

Anyway, CP-1 comes in a very simple, kinda long, clinical-looking packaging with a twist-able cap. It's got a pointed nozzle so dispensing product is not messy rather easy. It is also perfect for travelling because of its flexibility and small-sized packaging so space won't really be a problem. However, for a 20ml product, don't expect that it will run long. On a brighter side, it is so cheap that you can hoard for as many as you like without breaking the bank.

This product claims to hydrate and protect the hair with powerful ingredients that are proven to be effective in caring for our precious manes such as Keratin, Amino Acids, Elastin, Wheat and Protein.

When squeezed out, a translucent, a little bit runny product will come out. A dime-size is already enough for my mid-length mane. If you want your hair to have more moisture than it needs, you can simply add some more and it will dry to keep your hair lightweight and moisturized all throughout the day. However, do not over apply as it could make you hair greasy at the end of the day (because my hair naturally turns greasy easily probably because it is straight and according to study, those with straight hair tends to have greasier hair than those with curly ones in a period of time.)

The scent is lovely, I can't really determine the particular fragrant but it smells nice and it lingers for a few hours after application. With continuous use, you will notice that your hair will become softer, smoother and healthier looking than ever before. I also noticed that when I apply it on my ends, it would hinder it from having flyaways and split ends.

Overall, I love CP-1, it is so cheap yet so effective in eliminating or reducing the hair imperfections such as dryness, coarseness, and other hair problems. I highly recommend it whether you have dry or oily scalp and hair. Til my next post. Happy blogging! 

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