Monday, September 12, 2016

Kate Tokyo High Grade Cover Powder For Cover in Natural Beige Review

Kate Tokyo High Grade Cover Powder For Cover, 8.5g
Bought from: Given by my aunt
Available in: Zalora
Price: P900

The High Grade Cover Powder for Cover from Kate Tokyo is a loose powder that prevents unwanted shine and fading. It is designed to create long-lasting make-up and the illusion of smooth skin.

- Pressed powder
- Creates a smooth finish 
- Prevents shine and fading 
- Comes with a sponge puff

As you can see, I was not able to include box photos and I did not even know if the product has a box because it was given to me by my aunt as is. And I would like to apologize for not taking pictures of it first hand back when the packaging was still free from scratches or evidences of mishandling lol. Anyways, the packaging is very simple given its price--it does not even have a compact mirror inside! The puff is actually a bit unusual because you know, I really expect that it comes with a sponge (like how powder foundations mostly do) but I don’t think this powder would work the same. Now, I prefer the puff even better than the sponge even though it absorbs more powder.

By the way, I do have the shade in Natural Beige if I am not mistaken. I am not really sure if this has other shades because in Zalora, you only have the Natural Beige as option. It’s either it’s your shade or make it. Actually, since it has a strong yellow undertone and looks tad darker than my previous foundations, at first, I thought it was not for me but I guess it just had a strong adjusting capability (what?) which makes it ideal for use for anybody.

Whoops soooo…this product is made in Japan. If there’s Korean-craze, there’s Japanese too! If my memory serves me right, this is my first time trying out a high-end Japanese makeup brand. I can’t really make out what is written at the back of this compact powder so if you read in Japanese, kindly tell me what’s in it. Lol.

Sorry if I already used the puff before when it’s still fresh but it’s just too close (but darker) to actual shade color which my camera fails to capture with the product on pan. And kindly note that it's the accumulated liquid foundation I have on before applying this powder. I am using Milani Conceal + Perfect 2-In-1 Foundation + Concealer in shade No. 2 which is tad darker than my skin tone. Oh no, I did not use the same liquid foundie over again and just decided to sell it on Shopee. Really, the shade No. 2 (Natural) is not for me.

What I like most about this powder is its finely-milled pigments that is ultra-light when worn and would give your skin a very soft, smooth and healthy-looking skin afterwards. I would not say that it offers a full coverage, just a light one actually. However, it applying liquid foundation underneath is advisable if you opt for a flawless finish. Just tap a little of this powder over to make it last a long time and prevent cakiness. This product applies seamlessly, does not look very foundation-ish, cakey or anything like you have makeup on. On lazy days, I would just apply my toner, sunscreen, this and off I go! Certainly, it gives your skin a better look, keeping it matte and shine-free for long hours.

The photo below shows the swatch of this product. I have super oily skin that really oils up even after a few minutes that is why it is really important that I always keep with me a dependable powder foundation that will keep me shine-free and matte all day. Apparently, I can’t stay shine-free like the whole day (one factor is the humidity in the country) even when I am provided that most effective matte powders. My sebum production does not really work that way so retouching every now and then is a must. What I think the criteria should be how it keeps me looking fresh again after oiling up too much. And tell you what, Kate Tokyo High Grade Cover Powder seems to be really good at it. And please, do notice my pores! They are really noticeable on the first photo but using the powder seems to lessen its appearance as seen on the second photo.

Overall, I love Kate Tokyo High Grade Cover Powder! It does not have any off-putting scent, does not break me out, applies very thinly and smoothly without looking cakey, cover mild imperfections and large pores, is travel-friendly and keeps skin looking supah fresh! Love love!

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