Sunday, September 11, 2016

Katrina's Clothing Carrot Health Soap

Carrot Health Soap
Bought for: Free | Original Price: P69

Familiar with HTP Clothing? It's hard to keep up with my blogging kasi nakikipag-unahan ako sa pag 'mine'! Hahahahah! Sorry guys! I just had to deal with my impulsiveness again. Huhuhu. For your information, HTP is an online shop on Instagram that produces exclusively sewn pieces of clothing. They have that certain quality that is why when they post an item, you have to compete with their other fervent buyers in commenting 'mine' and the usernames who first commented under the number of stocks they provided will get to have the items. It's my first time so I am really excited lol. I think I won some lol. Anyway, I am not paid by htp for this! Hahah!

Why am I blabbing again? So tonight, I am going to review the Carrot Health Soap which were given to me by Katrina's Clothing! Yey! Thank you so much! I did not try it immediately and now I regret it. Never would I expect that I would grow fond of it. Woohoo, cats are curious!!! Here goes nothing!

As you can see, the packaging is very simple. It comes with a box with a slightly holed corner right there (the carrot part) which can look like a carrot when the soap is left inside. Very cute! It does not radiate impact on first look, you know, but burn me! It was such a precious bar of soap! It is so strong and opaque. In fact, you will find it hard to even cause some slight molding to it. Heck, is this made of stone? Kidding aside, you will definitely love its staying power! Really, it's a superman to wetness. It stays hard even on wet soap dishes even after a long period . Amazing, isn't it?

For your own reference, I am going to put the indications, directions and facial therapy down below! And guys please do read and get amazed!

Carrot is macrobiotic. It is an herb of great therapeutic power. An herb filled with Vitamin A proven superbly effective not only to fortify or restore eye tissues and to prevent cancer-related diseases. But likewise, potent food for epithelial tissues. Thus, it is highly recommended for cuts or wound, burning skin allergiessuch as scabies, ringworms, white spots (AP-AP), prickly heat, blackheads, stubborn pimples, skin aging, destitute of scalp hair dandruff and 24 hours body protection from emitting offensive smell even after sweating.

Wash with carrot health soap thoroughly then rinse. Wipe with clean towel then apply the same carrot health soap on affected part. Leave the suds to dry and repeat application the following day. For dandruff and destitue of scalp hair, use regularlyas shampoo during bath. See healing results in two-to three days.

Facial Therapy:
Wet and rub carrot health soap on hands and apply the suds gently on fce and allow the herb to nourish it for at least two minutes. Then rinse with water. See for yourself and witness the slippery look while drying gently with towel on the mirror. Experience healthy skin results in minutes.

Gosh, I never thought I would bow down to a soap. All their claims are true. Have you encountered any soap for the hair and skin that is as effective as a 69-peso worth of soap? Me? Na-uh. Like ever. Yes, it suds pretty much heavily but it is not like super drying on the skin. In fact, it has that familiar silky feel like Dove Soaps. I thought I was just imagining things on my head but when I read the description--mind you, it's just now when I am writing this--I was left dumbfounded! It's true! I have been suffering from pimple breakouts the past few days because of school works, lack of sleep, poor eating habits and stresses but two days of using this almost removes bumps on my face! This is to say that it is the only soap, so far, the I used on a whim but did not trigger adverse skin reaction! Usually, when I suddenly change my skin care routine, zits would eventually pop out no matter how effective they could be on the succeeding days of usage but with Carrot Health Soap? Skip the zits and proceed to a softer and smoother skin! For the dandruff, this one is also a life-saver, spared me for the ever-dreaded dandruff!!! I swear to anyone, I love it! Please let me have you forever!!!

Okay, I have been acting crazy for the past hour just because I can't help myself admiring this bar of soap. For only P69, yes P69, you can have this bar that is so effective in addressing your skin and even your hair's concern! I still can't get over with it! Please let me know when you decided to buy one! I put the link of the shop above on the description part, just click it and you will be directed to the page! Til my next post! Happy blogging!

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