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Leiania House of Beauty Wild Herb Argan Skin Peel and Green Actives Review

Leiania House of Beauty Wild Herb Argan Skin Peel and Green Actives
Bought for: Free | Original Price: P600+
From: Leiania House of Beauty

Exfoliation through peeling is the most effective way to remove troubled layer. When you allow your skin to peel, a fresher layer will peak through. However, you shall not use it often as frequent usage may result to unwanted outcomes like thinning of skin, changes in skin color or hyper pigmentation, sensitivity to sun, and excessive skin drying. On the other hand, using it properly under correct duration (one month exfoliation, one month healing), directions and precautions, will yield favorable results.

One of the advocates for safe skin care is the Leiania House of Beauty and because they are generous enough to send me samples of their products, I would like to thank them for sending me these Herbal Peel and . Being a supporter of products which are composed of organic and natural ingredients (I'm in fact slowly tweaking my routine to cruel-free skin care products), it is a pleasure to be one of those few bloggers to be entrusted to review these. For that, thanks Ms. Favia!

In terms of packaging, the complete labeling of the products from description to directions and ingredients is intelligent as consumers will have something to rely on for information. By the way, for your own convenience, may I present to you the list of ingredients and directions in using this product.
So why is Leiania House of Beauty proud of their products? If you can just see, most of the ingredients are they plant-derived, organic-infused, cruel-free, safe and free from harmful chemicals. Go na kayo mga bes, bili na!

Kidding aside, this duo is a champion. Aside from gushing about how healthy these products are, I would also want to be a living testimony as to how these change my perception when it comes to skin peeling. I have tried Maxipeel before, it was so good but eventually, your once troubled skin will come back after a few weeks. That being said, I know we all want something that would give us permanent great results without the abominable side effects. Using these duo as compared to Maxipeel, I could say that this one is less effective in giving the skin that whiter and fresher glow. However, the procedure is harsher, peeling, redness and drying are more excessive to the point that I would not want to show my face to anyone anymore. Leiania House of Beauty, on the other hand, caused no redness nor post-pain effects. Compared to other products, this one has gentler formula as experienced.

The directions actually seems blurry to me because one use according to it will already make my skin peel. I did not experience the same thing on first use though. However, your face will feel taut afterwards so moisturizer is a must. Doing the same thing the next day makes no significant effects as well except excessive drying and super slight hint of redness. Again, please put on moisturizer and a lot of sunscreen. After another day of use, I stopped and the next days you would see micropeeling effect, removing all those dead skin cells revealing a smoother and brighter complexion underneath. In my case, I noticed the peeling unstoppable for 3-5 days. I think every pain is worth it. Para gumanda minsan, magtiis ka. Lol.

As you can see, it has an oil-like consistency with those tiny grains which I believe helps in exfoliating the skin. Combining it with the powdered herbs makes it more ideal for scrubbing. So you sort of scrub and exfoliate with this. The unique thing about these products is that they sort of work like masks which you only need to mix (oil and powder) then apply on your face. Next thing is allowing the mixture to be absorbed by the skin depends on your pain tolerance. In my case, I can withstand it for as long as the stinging sensation subsides. Just be careful applying it on the most sensitive parts of your face like eyes, corners of your nose and mouth because it could hurt like hell.

Overall, I like this. Drying and redness would stop after the peeling. Again, you will need sunscreen! I highly recommend this duo to anyone becuse it has a gentler formula than other exfoliating solutions that I have tried. It could be a bit pricey but it's worth it. By the way, just got home from two days stay in San Miguel, Bulacan for our documentary. I had to type this review during our travel. Kayod mga beks!  Til my next post. Happy blogging! 

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