Monday, September 26, 2016

September Beauty Finds

Hi guys! Just to give you an update, yes, I am still into blogging lol. We just had our first topical defense earlier yesterday and our topics got approved! It’s just the beginning but our hearts can’t seem to stop rejoicing! Due to thesis, documentary and other stuff, I sometimes deprive myself from blogging to maximize time. So yeah, I gotta make up even just at least slightly. Today, I am going to share to you the beauty finds my generous sponsors sent me recently and which are subject for future reviews. I got few here but, whatevs. Lol.

Addicted To You send me their Pretty in Pink Face and Body Blush (P275), Miracle White Glutha Lotion (P250) and Snowwhite Skin Intense Whitening Lotion (P250). I am such a huge fan of lotions so I felt like I was sent to a heaven receiving the package! By the way, if you are a major fan of instant whitening lotions, better get these two!

This brand send me their Gluta Body Scrub (P350), Ultimate Whitening Soap (P150) and Body Butter Cream (P450). I tried everything last night and they were all good. The scrubs are perfect for face use, the soaps smells nice, suds richly but super drying and the body butter is so moisturizing. Love them!

I am not really familiar with the products they sent me but here's to what I believe they are! I think the first soap is the "Sore Muscle" glycerin soap 55-60g and retails for P65.00. The one with a pump is a  warming massage serum (P139) especially useful when you have body pains.

The last thing I got was only a freebie on Shopee when I bought my favorite lotion from this shop (Ultra Tone and White) which smells uber nice! I got the bottle at a discounted price with a free product! Wow!

So those are the things that I got recently. Til my next post! Happy blogging!

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