Monday, October 3, 2016

Addicted To You PH Pretty in Pink Face and Body Blush, Snow White Skin Intense Whitening Lotion and Miracle White Glutha Lotion Review

Pretty in Pink Face and Body Blush, P275
Snow White Skin Intense Whitening Lotion, P250
Miracle White Glutha Lotion, P250

I've always been a fan of organic and natural-infused products. I've said it a hundred times but oh well, it's something that would never change for women like me who wants to feed our very skin with only goodness from healthy ingredients. Recently, I discovered another online shop from Instagram who does not only sells natural skin care products, but offers benefits as well to their loyal customers through membership perks and more! I hate to spoil so please do browse their shop (link above) for more information and products! Today, what I am going to review are their Pretty in Pink Face and Body Blush, Snow White Skin Intense Whitening Lotion and Miracle White Glutha Lotion!

Pretty in Pink Face and Body Blush

Claims: This sugar beet blush cream for face and body is for those who desire a mestiza look. An instant solution for pinker, healthier and more appealing you.

The product comes in an opaque plastic tub with 50ml content of product. And because it's a dip and apply process, you might think that it could be a little unhygienic for everyday use. Don't fret because washing your hands or applying product with clean hands would solve the problem. Anyway, a little of it would go a long way already, that is, if you use it on small areas of the body like cheeks, hands and feet to make it look flushed.

When opened, you'll catch a whiff of sweetness which for me, is something that smells so nice. Can't really describe it though. It got the consistency of a cream with bright pink shade (photograph's a bit deceiving) that looks, well, yummy in front of my eyes lol. Seriously, it looks so cute! When applied on skin, you will notice how it leaves pinkish stain which lasts a long time. This is why I like putting it on the bones of my cheeks as well as hands and feet palms so they would look like they are fresh from mani and pedi. Another things is that it does not feel greasy nor sticky, in fact, it dries almost matte. Swatched is provided below for your reference.

Overall, I like this especially for an effortlessly fresh no-makeup makeup look. With this, yu can now achieve a mestiza look without spending so much!

Snow White Skin Intense Whitening Lotion

Claims: When you simply can't wait to look fairer, Snow White Skin gives you the fastest and most effective solution, with regular use can also lighten complexion.

This lotion comes in a pump bottle with small  product content. The pink sticker really catches my attention. It looks so girly haha! Anyway, good thing, it's got all important details like name, description and other proof of authenticity.

When dispensed, you're going to get a formula that is a little bit runny, which dries easily and into an almost semi-matte finish. However, you have to blend as fast as you can as it tend to stick on the dry patches of your skin and create white cast as soon as it dries. Upon drying, you will notice how your skin turns at least a tad lighter than the rest of your body. However, it would look awkward if you have yellow undertone because the creamy white formula won't blend well on it.

One tip I could share with you to achieve a seamless finish is that try to apply a moisturizing lotion prior to applying Snow White Skin Intense Whitening Lotion so the blending would be a lot easier. I love using the Leiania House of Beauty Ultra Whitening and Tone Lotion because that lotion is so moisturizing. That way, the white cast would be balanced out.

Using it for more than a week does not really made a significant difference in terms of my skin tone. However, applying it everyday would definitely make your skin look more radiant and glowing without the sticky feeling.

Miracle White Glutha Lotion

Claims: Glutathione is the classic skin whitening source. It effectively whitens slowly but surely and almost permanently.

This lotion comes in a pump bottle as well, although this one comes in a flat-surface bottle rather than cylindrical. The formula is very similar to the Snow White Intense Whitening Lotion, but the white cast it creates is more subtle. This lotion has a runny consistency and dries to a semi-matte finish as well.

I have nothing against the scent of the three products but I like the scent of this better than the Snow White Intense Whitening Lotion. Can't exactly describe it though, I'm really bad with scents. I also like that this product does not feel greasy but sometimes, it feels heavy on the skin.

Just like the first lotion, this one leaves skin looking glowing and radiant though in a more natural way. I would say that even if it has limited product inside, a little would go a long way already. However, using these religiously is required to acquire noticeable results. On first use, you will notice that it makes skin appear whiter as swatched below. However, be careful as it also tends to cling on folds and dry patches.

Overall,  I like Addicted To You Pretty in Pink Face and Body Blush, Snow White Skin Intense Whitening Lotion and Miracle White Glutha Lotion. They are so affordable and made of nothing but goodness! Don't forget to use my code: ATYHNAH to deduct 25% off your purchase! Til my next post! Happy blogging! 😊

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